Thursday, September 25, 2014

Since I last blogged

A list of my life in the past 10 days

  • I had a baby. Another little boy. On the 17th. "En"
  • The 18th I went home so did baby En.
  • The 19th we took baby to the pediatrician 
  • My parents drive to town and I made dinner
  • A slightly uneventful weekend I made Saturday breakfast 
  • Monday my husband was back to the office. Then our 1 year old Kaje felt bad. We took him to the doctor. Another ear infection.
  • Tuesday thing 1 cut his toe pretty deeply and ended up needing (2)  stitches in his toe/foot
  • yesterday my parents left. It was my first day with the 1:4. Kaje still felt bad. If not, worse.
  • Today my husband is working from home. I needed help. Kaje us still puny. I was up at 1:40 with En, with Kaje 2:20-3:30, with En 4:00-5:00 and Kaje got up again at 5:30 at 7:00 I apparently got up for the day with En.
Tomorrow I take En fir his one week check up. Next Friday we have a well child visit and a suture removal visit.

I need a nap.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting Done

  • I don't sleep. I can't stay comfy all night.
  • I can't eat much. My stomach is gone. Then I get hungry. 
  • My energy level is zapped.
  • I needed to get an oil change for my van yesterday or today. I didn't.
  • I did take my daughter to get a manicure/pedicure. I got a pedicure. I wanted to spend just a little time with her before baby comes. She always wants me to play dolls with her and I just can't sit on the floor (and that's what she wants me to do).
  • My fridge has food. Milk. Orange juice. I am as prepared as I can get. 
  • The hospital bag is packed. Unpacked. Repacked. Tried again with packing. *don't worry we are talking mostly paperwork to prove that I have paid lots of bills already to someone else for this kid just in case I need to argue with the hospital).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fire Ants

I am so sick of fire ants.
I hate them.
My kids hate them.

I wish they were never brought to America.
Fire Ants are not any fun.

The End!

To Say:

That Kaje will be the child born earliest in pregnancy at 38 week 4 days will almost for sure be true. You see....I am 38 weeks 4 days with this one now and I am not in labor.

My other two were born on and just before their due dates.

I could have guessed a couple weeks ago that I wouldn't have been let go to my due date. However, my blood pressure has been good so there hasn't been a rush. I am thankful for--The longer in the better off.

 Just for fun:
Yesterday I told the baby no. It was my brother in laws birthday. No sharing if I can help it.
Today I told the baby yes.
Tomorrow is okay too. But I already have a baby born on a Thursday (and a Monday and a Friday)
Friday, well I have a doctors appointment but it is my niece's birthday so that day is off limits.
Saturday is my nephew's birthday and my son has cub scout stuff before a birthday party (touring a jail and a museum) so that day is off limits.
So that leaves us to Sunday the 14th.
Monday---well I have a child that was born on a Monday.
Tuesday--my doctor is off so I don't necessarily want this day but would make all my kids born by a different doctor.
Wednesday is a good day it's the 17th!

Due date is September 20!