Friday, August 1, 2014


Yesterday I had planned seeing my friend. The kids seeing other kids to play with (ie: their friends). And really it is all under the same rooftop.

I had another day scheduled today.....well, I have a doctors appointment so it was a can you watch my kids while I go appointment.

Turns out today's plan changed yesterday. My friend who was supposed to watch my kids has a chicken pox child. SO she picked up the phone and called another friend of ours to check on her watching my kids instead. She felt bad. Didn't want to leave me without. She was helping.

That's what friends are for. They are there in our times of need. They watch out for each other. While I have used my friends so much for kiddo watching and doctor appointments it happens on a rare occasion that something comes up and I have to find someone else. This time though my friend helped a sister our.

What's even funnier I was at the friends house yesterday. It was so random. That's what I like about friends....randomness.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fitting it all in

I am seeing a downward spiral in things other than my pregnancy weeks getting smaller.  The fact that my kiddos friends are prepping to go back to school. We homeschool and many of our friends do not homeschool.

We have to spend some time with these friends before we all go back to the books. The summer break has been nice. It has been busy. It has been hot. It has been full of staying at home. Avoiding the store. Going from here to here to there to over there shuttling them from one activity to the next.

Then my doctors appointments most usually turn into a play day for them with one friend or another. I've had friends let me drop my kids at their house. I've had friends come stay at my house. The appointments are getting more frequent. Right now we are every two weeks.

Then there was the time that my minivan started sounding like it was super charged on a Saturday afternoon. The shop we have regularly been taking our vehicles to closes at 3:30 on Saturday. It was 3:15. Not gonna work. I hoped to make it the rest of the weekend without any issues. Well, we got it fixed yesterday. It isn't supercharged any more. It is back to purring.

We should have known the van was going to have issue.....we did just pay a big chunk of money to the doctor on Friday. It always happens that way. We managed though. So far we've fit it all in.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The hustle and bustle

No we aren't talking holiday shopping for presents.
No we aren't talking about a wedding.

We are talking that I am now 8 weeks from due date.
We are talking that in anywhere between 5-8 weeks from now I will be "full term"
We are talking that the end of July is upon us and August is knocking on our door.

Did I mention I just had a baby last year?
Did I mention the words "Irish Twins?"

I have things to do. My daughter told me it was my turn to clean my bedroom. So today when the older kids and daddy went to church. I cleaned my room. Gotta make room for baby.

After church and lunch all the kiddos and daddy headed off to grandma and grandpas for an afternoon of swimming. While I catch up around the house. Still cleaning. Still trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle of our upcoming new to us life.

I may have even packed my hospital bag. Yes, that is WAY early for me. But I was putting our stuff away from when we went and visited my family a few weeks ago. I had to move the little suitcase so I just packed it. I am not using any of the stuff that needed to be packed. (Boppy pillow, infant clothing, baby blankets, etc) so why not go ahead and throw them in the suitcase. So I did. Don't worry hubby I didn't forget your sweatshirt, warm fuzzy socks or pj pants. Bahahahahaah.

This is real. This is the countdown. We are spiraling down towards the hustle and bustle of our new life.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Have I ever mentioned I hate summer heat? Summer humidity? Summer is intense. I am beyond miserable.

I sit and complain. My husband is sitting in an office that the building is made of glass. The air conditioner is broken. It was broke yesterday and again today. It is 83 degrees or so inside where he's working.

It isn't that hot in my house. But by golly I am a human incubator. I am miserable.

The AC kicks on and I lay under the ceiling fan just to stay cool. I only get that luxury during nap time though.

I'd really like to sit and soak neck deep in water. That won't happen though. Life of a mom!