Monday, April 27, 2015

Some people

There was this commercial that made me laugh every time I saw was to the tune of everything on the internet is true.

That goes the same for everything on the news too.

You see, last night when I went to bed I read some and watched some live feed of a tornado or two on the ground north-northwest of here. This morning I was reading something on a news feed and I see someone comment (similar as I am remembering here)

"If it was massive and destructive it would have been on the news. It wasn't on the news so therefore it wasn't destructive"

Uh lady, I hope you never get too close to some straight line winds much less a tornado.

And if I believed everything I read on the news on the internet.....yeah, right!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Why? Why when you ask someone for further information you feel ignored. I have a lady in my life that I think her idea is less is less more. She promises "help" and fails on her end.

Not a blasted thing I can do about it either.
Makes me glad that we aren't besties and makes me wonder what she does with her real friends!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Okay folks.......
The last half of my children have now come down with the fever.

Yesterday the daughter child had the fever and chills- sore muscles along with a major headache.
Wee hours baby came down with a fever
At the sign up up my oldest had a headache and ......sore legs! Goody Goody!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One, Two....

First it was my 19 month old. Fever and crankiness. I got him over the fever and back to his semi normal self and then this morning he wakes up at 5am in a Crabby mood. I mean CRABBY.

Then about the time he settles. Where I think he could go to sleep if he wanted brother wakes up. Well, it is after 7am.

After all the dust settles there the first older child appears. She's got a headache.

Currently at 3pm....I have 3/4 of my children sleeping. Anyone under the age of 9 is napping! I should go lay down too.