Monday, December 22, 2014


I am getting great giggles out of a Christmas present I bought. It makes my day to read online reviews sometimes but this time takes the cake. These reviews make the purchase worth it.

Now that I've said too much. Bahhahahahahahahahahahah. or should it be muhahahahahahahahahahah or maybe Tehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Saturday, December 20, 2014


I am ready. It is vacation time. Nope, not going anywhere just vacation.

This year has been rough I'm not going to lie. I had an infant. Got pregnant again. I had zapped energy.

I felt bad for baby 3 because he wasn't get to be a baby and basically forced to grow up faster then my eyes wanted to see.

I felt bad for children 1 and 2 because we missed out on so much the year before because I was sick.

But, now here we are in the present. I've got a groove so to speak. Baby 3 and baby 4 will be good friends. The jealously isn't as thick. Life isn't simple but I can still change 2 diapers and be out the door in 5 minutes (1 adult and 4 kids) if I need to (diaper bag stays in the car) and I was only in the neighborhood dropping off popcorn. But I did it.

So here we are vacation. What will really happen? Not sure but we have plans

Husband plans to:
Fully finish bathroom 
Put a new kitchen sink in
Clean the garage
Spend a few hours doing what he wants

Wife plans to:
Fold laundry
Purge items from house
Spend a few hours alone.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pure Frustration

Yes, it is 2:53am and I am really awake and I am really sitting here blogging. Over the last few days there have been a few things that have been purely frustrating.

1--Insurance. Seems no matter the day my story stays the same and theirs well, depends on who I talk to that day.

2--Billing. I got my itemized bill from the hospital. And while I am in a dispute with my insurance company I did find this bill hilarious. I was in the hospital for 37 hours (from the time I walked in to the time I walked out) bill was at approximately $169/hr. Just one room---room #1234 for that matter I was billed for: Private Room, Labor Room, Delivery Room and Nursery.
A) Uh--I was given no choice to have "Semi-Private" and B) how weird would that be to have a person next to you giving birth and delivering in front of you.
C) Technically not "Private" because well, I shared the room with the baby. Because D) the hospital did not provide a nursery.

3--Receipts/Check outs. So I bought somethings and my husband was out of town so I had all 4 kids with me. It was later (not late by any means but later) and I couldn't possibly bend myself much more to keep a watch. I bought 3 loaves of bread (two to donate) and I was charged for 4. Okay fine that was $1 and there isn't sales tax on food so it was $1 no more. 

4--Busy. We had a "Christmas Party" on Sunday. Let me just say cramming that much into a tiny window of time. I don't think anyone learned anything. Besides, I am used to Christmas parties being about food and fellowship. It was a weird party.

5--Waitstaff. When my husband got home I was hungry. I had been going 90 to nothing since 10:30 that morning with this followed by this and this and this. Only, to end up at a restaurant where our server did not understand. I didn't see the final bill--could be better that way--but when I've had the weekend and then the order is wrong my hair is going to turn a teeny bit greyer.

6--Insurance Part 2. I take my daughter and I to go get eye exams. First, they have problems with my daughters insurance saying "do you have another carrier/card for eye exams?" Nope, that's it. I hear the words "Not Covered!" To that I say 'no exam' because my husband was assured we had insurance. I text him. THEN about 5 minutes later they find insurance under a different plan for him. Perfect.

7--Insurance Part 3. I have talked to my insurance I know mine is covered 100%. They verify and tell me nothing. I get my exam. Only to find out my insurance told them $50 copay and my daughter $10 copay. (NOTE: here is a NICE to the list: The eye doctor was willing to with hold my RX and let me go somewhere else due to the $50copay, but 1) I felt she did her job and her service why would I not pay her and 2) why would I want to go again to another eye doctor after things are "sorted out.")

8--Traffic. I am so over road construction. It is literally all around me. The main road I live off of has gotten much much nastier traffic wise too. They are building a big mega campus for a big workplace and I believe the first phase is now open but still many phases to go. With that, everyone began buying homes and moving in our area.

9--Coupon. So it isn't a surprise we ate out for lunch at a very popular place. We go there often. (Note, I am not calling the place out it was a simple mistake). I had my "coupon" and I ordered our food knowing I was using the cost savings. Well, I also paid with my phone (yes, you can do that but because I have "perks" paying by phone gives me that earning perk). Anyway, I was told a total then the coupon applied and I was given my new total. I paid with my phone and was satisfied. Well, last night when I pulled my stuff out of the pockets I found the receipt and the original total was charged. Here is what my theory is on this.....Because I paid with my phone and because I am a special person who has "perks" (no not tooting my own horn follow me here) there is something that comes up on the screen about "Special offers being applied" usually they just need to click no--but I think this time they should have clicked yes because I was using a "digital coupon." Now, how do I know about the screen 1) Eat there often. 2) Paying with phone. New concept. So when I scan it many times I hear "oh is that what that is--how cool you're the first person to use it!" then they end up telling me what the screen says. So I feel pretty comfortable ASSUMING. But this time it cost me (approx $3.50).

10--Eating out (yes again--it was a long weekend and I didn't grocery shop like I normally would). We ordered our food and the lady charged us for 3 kids drinks. Uh, I only asked for 2 but yes I ordered 3 kids size eats. They do not include drinks in their price and my 15 month old only drinks water or milk. Since milk is not provided I only needed 2 drinks. I was charged another $1.09.

11--I've been blogging for 30 minutes. I am tired but my brain won't shut off. I hoped this would help. It did not.

12--Ear Infections. I hate them.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Company Party

Made plans for the kids to eat pizza (check)
Hired a baby sitter for 3/4 of our kids (check)
Bought a new top (check)

Tonight I am the corporate wife. A mom too (as we will have baby En with us). The party will be elbow rubbing with the co-workers. There will likely be a lack of seating, parking and food. Did I mention we like to have our hors d'oeuvres parties here.

Tonight, I prepare myself for traffic and awkward conversation as well as weird silence. I also prepare myself for my face to be familiar but my name forgotten. It took 4-5 Christmas parties to get my name to my face. I don't mid though. I'm the wife. Some people literally see me 1x per year! For them to remember my name after 5 years is awesome.