Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Have I ever mentioned I hate summer heat? Summer humidity? Summer is intense. I am beyond miserable.

I sit and complain. My husband is sitting in an office that the building is made of glass. The air conditioner is broken. It was broke yesterday and again today. It is 83 degrees or so inside where he's working.

It isn't that hot in my house. But by golly I am a human incubator. I am miserable.

The AC kicks on and I lay under the ceiling fan just to stay cool. I only get that luxury during nap time though.

I'd really like to sit and soak neck deep in water. That won't happen though. Life of a mom!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I sent a text message to a friend yesterday. I asked her if she could watch my kiddos on my next doctors appointment. Thankful I have some awesome friends during this time. (Note: I have awesome family too but we all have small children and I hate to ask....besides I have to save them for when school starts and my appointments are weird because they are frequent).

I sent a text message to another friend yesterday. Double checking my ability to borrow a crib from her. I will set a play date with her kiddos and pick up a crib to set up.

I've been stalking local sale sites trying to find a cradle but I refuse to pay very much. I would ultimately like a wooden cradle like I borrowed from another friend for my last child. It was perfect for my bedroom. It fit next to my side of the bed. We could store diapers under it and a little clothing container next to it. I do have a pack and play and while that will work I was just trying to save space. I have also been offered to borrow a mini-crib but I don't want to take that from grandmas house we use it over there :)

We just finished the 10 day antibiotic for Kaje's ear infection. I really hope the ear infection is gone. He has been dealing with something for over a month now. While he's happy right now I know he hasn't been himself for that month. Right now, I am just hoping the ear infection is gone so we can get back on our meal routine and less runny diaper routine.

This week it is HOT outside. I don't do heat. I don't do humidity. I don't like heat indices. I'd rather sit on a block of ice and hibernate. Although, I don't have a block of ice and hibernating isn't good for my mood (I need some sort of activity and I can't even sit outside with my neighbor type activity due to the heat).

So pardon me while my whale like self muddles through the next few weeks. If you come to visit and find a big puddle one of two things has happened 1) I finally found that block of ice to sit on or 2) I personally melted.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Things have gotten out of hand. I am tired. I don't want to deal with it any more. I already feel like my home in teeny tiny and I just can't fit here. We do fit here. We will soon be a family of 6. It will be fine.

The problem lies with our actual neighborhood. They are going off the deep end in my mind. They just installed cameras at the pool/park/tennis court area. I am for that in a way. We have playground equipment. We have pool usage. Those are buildings and facilities.

Now we have people talking like we need license plate readers/cameras at all the entrances and exits to our neighborhood. Stick cameras on the light poles. That is enough right there to make me want to move. Seriously, I wouldn't feel like I would want to come home. I wouldn't feel like I would want my kids in the yard. Who would be watching? Too many weirdos in the world. Those light poles in front of my house lining my street. Eeeby jeebies.

What's more concerning my husband and I are about the only two who object. This isn't a gated neighborhood. This isn't a simple fix. This needs to be thought through and it seems we live surrounded by people who are too reactive.

Last night I woke to go to the bathroom. I heard sirens (normal sound) like they were responding to an accident (like ambulance/fire/police different siren sounds). A little bit later I heard a metal sound. Like someone ran into something metal. Then I was about to sleep when I saw a bright light shine through my front door and bedroom window. It was police a few houses down. I have no clue what was going on but I didn't really rest until the police left.

Two hours. Two hours of sleep lost. I don't think cameras outside on the entrances would have helped me gain back those two hours. There are homes that back up to streets not in our neighbrhoods. There are homes that back to flood control. There are homes that back to businesses. Reality is.....anyone can get in the neighborhood without going through one of the entrances. We don't have a 12 foot razor wire fence surrounding us. If we did I wouldn't live here.

I feel safe here. Always have. Now I have a new worry......who will be watching. Watching me enter and leave my home. Who will watch and know if I am with someone or alone. Gosh I hope they don't go through with the cameras. Blah!


This is not to be confused with a person who helps you with your golf clubs caddy/caddie. Those people are helpful.

A catty person is not helpful. Many times I am glad I don't keep up with the Jones' and I don't feel like I have to compete with the next family or person. We are individuals. We each have our own hearts. Our own thoughts. Our own place to belong.

Recently, I was informed of some changes. I was sure there was good reason. I didn't question it. I don't allow my kids to question and grill for answers on some things (example: who was that on the phone? why won't you tell me?).  I didn't question further. Then I got a 2nd letter a more personal one but still lacking details. I was still FINE with the answer. I was sure there was a reason.

Then last night I began hearing more and more and more. It all comes down to catty-ness. I don't have time for catty. I don't have energy to keep up with the next family. I only want to enjoy my own. So here's my theory keep Catty out of life. Period.