Monday, April 20, 2015

My week

Lately, I have been busy on the weekend and not so busy during the week. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Depends on how you look at it.

We are used to running an errand or two during the week. Well, I had to cram things around last week due to the weather forecast. I am not afraid of the rain but I have two littles that makes it a bit of a bigger pain to get the kids in and out if I don't have to.

We went to the school store and to the box mega store. One on Monday and one on Friday. The weekends have been crazy. A good kind of crazy but crazy.

I have some pretty great little kiddos who manage erratic nap times due to craziness. Though the warmness from yesterday.....that I thought was just being overtired wasn't the actual case. He actually has a 101 fever. Originally I had Tuesday and Wednesday planned for activity this week. I canceled one but due to the offer I can not refuse......I get to go speak tomorrow. Gasp. Now to get ready even more.

Wednesday we are supposed to be outdoors and so as long as we are better then that's a go. Not directly around other kids but possibly an erratic nap. Though we are going on a tour with another homeschool family.

We haven't been able to join a group. My pregnancies have kind of got in the way and such but come this fall. Count us in. The littlest little will be a year old and I feel I can take my kids pretty much anywhere that my older kids go. I have a stroller and I am not afraid to use it.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Closed for Remodel

I don't know what I am going to do. I am going to be lost for the next 33 days (or so). My local "Cheers" hangout is closed for remodel.

Yes, I could drive a little further and go to a different store. But it wouldn't be my cheers. The people could be the same. They could be different. Our local owner/operator owns two stores and some employees have decided to go to the other store to continue working.

That's 10 trips to my week. That's the one play area that my 3rd child has played on. Lost without.

And the sad thing is.....they will miss us too. Not particularly "us" as in my immediate family but many of these employees are without work for 30 days. They have family too. One guy his wife will be picking up extra shifts at work to compensate him being off work for 30 days. One woman will spend a week deep cleaning her house and the other 4 weeks yet to be decided. Another one promised 1 week at the other store but she isn't sure how it will work out location wise. They will miss us because they miss the people and the paycheck.

Yes, many had a choice. Yes, they had to do what was best for them. Their family. Reality is though it likely wasn't an easy choice and not everyone likely had a choice.

Yesterday, I went for lunch one more time. One of our favorite people began to tear up. I know they will miss their customers too!

Today. I am thinking of my friends. Their lives and their families. Until we meet again in 33 days!

One Person

Ever have that one person who it seems like "they are superior" and no matter what you do it is not enough? Only their idea is worth a hill of beans?

I am currently dealing with THAT person.

No matter what I do....her idea is better and I should redo.
No matter what I do....I don't do enough.
No matter what I do....I have failed and need to be called out.

I get it --- she apparently has no life and I do? Nah!
I get it --- she apparently takes things more personally then I do? Nah!
I get it --- she apparently feels that simply her way is the best way? We all do.

So while I don't understand why I can not rise to meet any standard in her eyes. Why do I care so much? She isn't a god. She's not my God. So why do I stress about aiming to please so much? I am a people pleaser. Simple.

But I feel like with this person I can not do anything to please her. Guess, I will just continue to strive to Please God and everything will work out.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

He's 9

Well, he's 9.
My oldest son is 9 years old.
That's hard to type. I guess next year will be harder as he will be in the DOUBLE DIGITS!
This year will be a big year for him.

Graduating from a cub scout Bear into a Webelos-1 scout next month.
Going to the 4th grade in the fall.

It was a long and fun weekend.

It all began at our local Chick Fil A on Friday for breakfast.

Then we headed south for the requested activity--a trip to the zoo!  I would be lying if I said I never expected the zoo to be so busy. Fact is it was a student holiday for many schools. Many having a 3 1/2 or a 4 day weekend. We knew we were arriving 2 hours after the zoo opened. We knew it would be busy. We parked a mile away on the street parking near an apartment complex and walked to the zoo. It was then we realized we were so glad to have membership to the zoo. The line was INSANE. To be honest if I had not had a membership and know that I would return to the zoo within a year---we would have left that line was likely 1 hour long and there were two of them that long. We spent 4 hours looking at animals and having lunch with the Giraffes. We walked the mile back to our car and it began to spit rain a little faster.

Saturday my husband went running as his normal routine on most usual Saturday's and the kids and I went to our local department store. We had a birthday party to attend. The day before Easter. The day before Easter and the local department store. ACK! 50 minutes and I didn't buy much of anything. By the time I got parked and in the store and through the store it was 40 minutes. Then I still had to get through the line and back to the van! The birthday party was for a friend of our sons. We get along with his parents and such and they invited us to stay and eat. They welcomed our daughter to play too as it was our sons friends big sisters birthday party too (they are 12 months 1 week apart in age and for the first time in years they had a dual party). We spent hours there. The party room was a cattle call for sure. You only got the room for 1 hour.....swallow your pizza and cake and get out. The games though were unlimited with the wristband. So the kids got to do bumper boats, go carts, mini golf, etc to their hearts desire.

Sunday we played hooky from church. We know we should go but with the odd service times for Easter and having little kids who may or may not be able to go to child care. We decided to do church at home. Followed by the birthday party with the family and the Easter dinner celebration. We had a scavenger hunt and a pinata. Then we did some Easter swimming.