Friday, April 29, 2016

So exhausted

It's been a long year!

I am purely exhausted. It's been literally one thing after another. Someone is sick. Another weekend taken away to the rain. It's just crazy how fast I feel time is flying.

But you know what.....the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

My life is crazy hectic and I am "just a stay at home mom" but yet I am the promise of things getting done. I still have to grocery shop, clean the house, do the laundry, interact with my kids, if we need something I take care of it.

Many days I wouldn't trade it for the world.

The there is that day I'd like to just lay in bed a little bit longer.

I may not have a paid job. I had a job that is paid in hugs and kisses, whines and moans.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Folks.....this is when it all came crashing together

I got home from Canada on a later evening on a Monday. I left for my hometown by Saturday morning. I stayed there for a week and came home on a Friday. Then it turned into this:

Saturday get up and get the finishing touches to celebrate my oldest child's 10th birthday. Celebrating a day early because of the madness that would follow.

Give him his presents in the afternoon and then load up and head to another place to celebrate his birthday with the family. But first order pizza for 19 people.

I am in charge of a camp out (this should really read everyone is hands off offering no assistance unless specifically asked). I had to plan a menu and get lists and paperwork ready to take to the meeting on Sunday.

My daughter needed to finish her God and Me program. I just wanted it to be done. It is only earned in the 1-3 grade years and she's in 2nd grade. I didn't want to be finishing up something next year that I could just do now.  We finished the game box at my parents house when we were visiting but we still had to complete the workbook. We had I think 3 lessons left and we knocked them out in about 1.5 hours.

Our oldest was completing his God and Family program and so my husband worked on that too. As it was part of a requirement to either finish it up or to do something else on to earning his Webelos badge.

I still had more work to do.
Laundry to do.
Life to live.

Not to mention this camp out that no one wants to volunteer jobs for except for my scout leader/friends. "I am not planning anything unless you tell me to"  and "Well if you don't assign me something I don't know what to do" happen to be common phrases. It is a mess. It is like they gave me this job because they wanted NOTHING to do with it. That's exactly what's happened and seriously when the time comes for evaluation I am going to tell them how I feel.

1) No support
2) No hey what can I do to help
3) No can we plan something or have a hand in planning

I made the camp reservations, I made the sign up, the advertisements, took care of making sure people paid (and that's a fiasco for another day), the menu, getting people to say YES to helping with fishing, knives, hiking, campfire building, and the fact it is just insane.

Don't worry I also had to come up with the menu myself and organize a cooking team. Oh and with that I have to borrow all the stuff I can from other friends because well our troop owns nothing camp wise. So I had to borrow a trailer (sure but the tags are expired), cooking stoves, gear and here is where I thank my lucky stars for camp/cub friends.

Part of me wants to go find another troop for my daughter. I have looked into it. I have contacted 2 in our area and neither are an option. One has a 2-year waiting list. Yep, I am not certain how that works but it is what I have been told. The other one meets 3 weeks a month for a girls meeting and the 4th week is a leaders meeting. Not bad except, at least one parent of must be a leader in some capacity. Nope, not a drop and go kind of meeting. It meets in the evening and they don't encourage siblings or discourage siblings they just don't want them to be disruptive. Mine would be disruptive. And toss in the fact that the meetings are from 6:30-8:00 would make for a long night.

The other part of me says go ahead and step up and take a board position and make a difference.

I have a few months to see how things will sway.

For right now.....I just need to get through next Sunday for the camping part.

Then I need to get beyond the following weekend for my "work" meeting. I need to figure out transportation --- I can't take my van and I'm not willing to drive my husbands car on a long trip. I need to rent a hotel room. So I can go and come back to be here in time for an 8:30 meeting on Sunday for our summer mission trip!

I need a nap!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Well, we went to Canada. The 4 kiddos stayed behind under the care of grandma.

We left early Wednesday morning so that meant dropping the kids off on Tuesday night. We started to the airport in the 6am hour. Our flight took off without a hitch. It was a direct flight so therefore it worked out fine. Once we got to the airport in Canada we found out the others we were meeting had snafu's in traveling. Thus causing a snafu for us too. In the end we just rented a car for the week.

Thursday we got up and went downtown to get our National Park pass (ummm yeah even if Apple Maps tells you to stay right you still need that parks pass or they can fine you). So after we got the park pass we asked the information desk for neato places to go and see Lake Minnewanka and the drive on the old scenic route were the first on the list. It snowed and snowed but nothing really stuck to the ground. Then as quickly as the snow started it ended. At one of the places we went we met a couple. We struck a conversation with them and they were very newly weds. The small world came into play because they live no more then 5 miles from us at home! We came back in time to eat a group dinner that night. It was a 4 course meal. The Salad was the first course and no choice given. The second course was the appetizer and frankly neither of them sounded appetizing but I chose one and ate it anyway. The main course was #3 and we had 3 choices and I chose the fact everyone at our table chose Bison. The last course was dessert. Both sounded yummy.

Friday we went to Lake Louise. We walked about 1 mile across the frozen lake. It looked a lot closer then it really was but it was such a pretty walk. And a hard walk. We walked to the frozen waterfall where there were a few people doing ice climbing on the frozen waterfall. Then we went back. They had a frozen ice block castle on the lake too. That night we went to an ice hike at the moonlight dark night. I had hoped to see the Northern Lights but no such luck the moon was too full. I was so tired Friday night.

Saturday we drove over to British Columbia. We did this to make it two Canadian states instead of just one :) and we sat in the hot springs over there. Then we went back into town and did our shopping for gifts. The big kids each got a couple things and the littles each got a shirt. We bought a neat clock for my mother in law since she was watching the kids.

Sunday we got up and finished packing up and headed back to the big city to spend the afternoon and night with some friends. We were able to eat lunch with them, take a walk (hubs took a bike ride too), eat dinner, bedtime routine, and then breakfast the next morning with them before leaving for the airport.

We had to return the rental car. Then get through the maze of customs, security, etc. By this time I was ready to go home and I think so was my husband. We landed at the airport at home, paid insane fee (uh I forgot to relay to him to not park in the covered parking and it was dark and early when we went and I forgot) to get our car out of the parking garage. We drove to grandmas house and got the kids. Spent a little time there and then headed home. My welcome home gift was my dumb van acting well, dumb! We got home and we gave the kids their gifts. The big kids #1 got a hockey jersey, a lapel pin, and a jade stone bear. The big kid #2 got a shirt, a pair of moose earrings, and a lapel pin. The littles were soooooooo excited about their shirts even at 10pm.

Little (#3) had a fever and was trying to come down with something at grandmas on the last day. He didn't take a nap and he was probably worried about mom and dad as it had been 6 days. It was a little rough on him.

We went back to routine today. Back to PE class.

I know I have a lot more to say but you know....I'm tired!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I am going a little crazy.

Borrowing this from someone. That from someone else. I am going on vacation and I have never been so needy.

It's going to be good. I just have to get there first.

I have to get up in the morning and take a kid to a doctors appointment.
Pay a bill
Make copies and file them.
Make lesson plans.
finish packing
whatever else