Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting Done

  • I don't sleep. I can't stay comfy all night.
  • I can't eat much. My stomach is gone. Then I get hungry. 
  • My energy level is zapped.
  • I needed to get an oil change for my van yesterday or today. I didn't.
  • I did take my daughter to get a manicure/pedicure. I got a pedicure. I wanted to spend just a little time with her before baby comes. She always wants me to play dolls with her and I just can't sit on the floor (and that's what she wants me to do).
  • My fridge has food. Milk. Orange juice. I am as prepared as I can get. 
  • The hospital bag is packed. Unpacked. Repacked. Tried again with packing. *don't worry we are talking mostly paperwork to prove that I have paid lots of bills already to someone else for this kid just in case I need to argue with the hospital).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fire Ants

I am so sick of fire ants.
I hate them.
My kids hate them.

I wish they were never brought to America.
Fire Ants are not any fun.

The End!

To Say:

That Kaje will be the child born earliest in pregnancy at 38 week 4 days will almost for sure be true. You see....I am 38 weeks 4 days with this one now and I am not in labor.

My other two were born on and just before their due dates.

I could have guessed a couple weeks ago that I wouldn't have been let go to my due date. However, my blood pressure has been good so there hasn't been a rush. I am thankful for--The longer in the better off.

 Just for fun:
Yesterday I told the baby no. It was my brother in laws birthday. No sharing if I can help it.
Today I told the baby yes.
Tomorrow is okay too. But I already have a baby born on a Thursday (and a Monday and a Friday)
Friday, well I have a doctors appointment but it is my niece's birthday so that day is off limits.
Saturday is my nephew's birthday and my son has cub scout stuff before a birthday party (touring a jail and a museum) so that day is off limits.
So that leaves us to Sunday the 14th.
Monday---well I have a child that was born on a Monday.
Tuesday--my doctor is off so I don't necessarily want this day but would make all my kids born by a different doctor.
Wednesday is a good day it's the 17th!

Due date is September 20!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Baby naming

I guess my husband is ready to get in gear and talk baby names. HA! We never talked names early. Never settled on "the" one before birth. We always have ideas but no formal decision until we see the baby.

Our first we seriously talked names at about 36 weeks. We told people our idea. Many people were negative. When we finally revealed he had been born and what his name would be those same people thought the name was lovely/wonderful. In truth....that child's name means "Rich Laughter." He really is rich and full of laughter.

Our second we talked names over dinner. We got a rare date offer during the week from my husband's sister. She offered to watch our son so we could go on a date for dinner. I was 39 weeks 5 days and it was a Thursday. We talked names over dinner. We were certain it was a girl but at 20 weeks we were not given the 100% certain or even an 80% certain. Just a "if I had to guess because I can't really tell" certain. We thought of girl names. Agreed on a couple. Stopped at the store looked in a baby name book (ah yes, before smart phones came into our lives) to see if they worked for us. It means Small Songbird Christian. The other name we had chosen had a meaning of star uncertain. Once she was born we decided that she was a songbird :)

Our third child we talked names casually. We each liked certain names but putting them together to make something we didn't do that until the baby was bedside. My doctor thought we weren't telling her she said "I didn't know you truly didn't have a name!" To be fair we had him early...I mean I had him at 38 weeks 4 days. Our 3rd child Kaje has a baby name meaning of Handsome Just Fair.

Now on to baby number 4. Make it wonderful. Make it awesome. Make it.....our last. We will never name another baby again. So here I sit at 38 weeks 3 days along and last night my husband was talking names. I can't settle on one. He has settled on one. Oh the possibilities.