Saturday, April 19, 2014

Toilet Wars

Since Thanksgiving we have only had one working bathroom in our home. Yes, this is a first world problem but in a home with two bathrooms I am just thankful that we had a spare.

It all started when our toilet leaked. It apparently leaked for a while. It was NASTY. So we peeled up the flooring and took the toilet out. We had plans to fix it quick. Then we decided that well the shower faucet was leaking when we took a shower. Well, let's rip it out. That lead to my husband taking a week of vacation at Christmas. We lost 2 1/2 days of work 1 1/2 of them due to the holiday.

Then the project was on hold until the next time we had a day or two. We dabbled where we could by getting the walls out and back in. Then I found out I was expecting our 4th. My husband took a day off work for Valentines day so we could go confirm the pregnancy. So we worked on the bathroom that weekend too.  Then the water heater went out and any money we had for the bathroom project went towards the water heater.

Then the kids and I went out of town for Spring Break. My husband spent a few days with his friend working on getting the wall joints mudded and prepped. Then hello insane amount of things to do on the weekend. From Scout activities to birthdays.

So hello 3 day weekend for Easter. Now moving right along. We got up yesterday only to realize our 2nd bathroom toilet was now leaking. We caught it early. Whew! The flooring came up yesterday. While my husband worked on cutting tile for the master bathroom. I worked on peeling linoleum off the floor.

This morning as I was in the bathroom. There was a knock at the door and a line of people waiting to get in. Oy vey!

The good news: by tomorrow night we will have two functioning toilets in this house. It makes a pregnant mama happy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Fever

Well, I wouln't say "fever" but this is the first time my little guy hasn't felt good. Yesterday, he felt fine in the morning. Got shots in the afternoon. Went downhill for the rest of the evening and night. This morning he woke in pretty good spirits but faded quickly when it was time for a nap.

He is off his feed but still eating. He just isn't 100%. Poor guy. It's been a cuddle day and he has even sat and played some.

Between all of this and what I am sure is teething (the hand is always being chomped on). He's a trooper. A real trooper,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scare Tactic

The other day my daughter came running into my room. "MOM I heard the door knob make a funny clicking sound." She was truly alarmed. I got up and checked things out only to discover that a flyer had been poked between our door knob and the trim. Harmless.

Today I am on the computer and I see an alert for our area that begins with "REMINDER Keep all doors and windows locked at all times!" Why because someone had broken into a home through the unlocked backdoor while they were not home.

At what point do we have to stay on such alert.

You know I grew up in the country. We had 3 doors in our home that lead inside and outside. We mainly used the "back door" and occasionally the front door. Never the side door. I am not certain why when my parents remodeled they didn't just close up the side door. It isn't in a useful spot at all. We used to sleep with the screen doors unhooked (and when I say screen I mean it was wood and screen stapled in place. When it was time for winter we stapled plastic over the screen (and we shut the door). Sure over time my parents have taken to locking up a bit tighter.

I've lived in this house for several years. There were a few instances that we left our car door open all night. We had traveled for hours and got home late. I thought he shut the door. He thought I shut the door. Reality is neither did. It sat in our driveway for hours overnight. Nothing happened.

But recently some dude thought it was okay to go slash tires. Not a teen dude. Not even necessarily bored. I'm not sure what made him do it. But he did. And someone caught him with their home security camera.

At what point does this madness stop. I am ready to go back to my childhood and think no evil of people. I am ready to go back and tell my 8 year old self.....enjoy this.

7 months, 10 days

Today my youngest child is 7 months, 10 days old.

I love that kid. I love that kids older siblings.

Dear Baby Kaje,
You are a big boy. You are not following in the steps of your brother OR your sister. Your brother had teeth at 5 months and began crawling soon after. Your sister cut teeth and crawled in the same 10 day period and I actually do not remember which was first and she was 4 1/2 months old.

Your brother and sister were in size 5 diapers by the time they were 6 months old. Your brother mostly because he was a heavy wetter at night and the one size up helped that tremendously and I didn't want to have to buy two different sizes so I went with 5s. Your sister went to 5s I think for the same reason....You were STILL in 5s and I didn't want to buy two sizes.  You went to size 4s at 6 months.

Your brother and you are similar in size at the same ages. Which lucky for me what I saved you can wear. Unlucky for me. Most of it is different seasons at this age. Which is because when you were 6 months old we moved and the clothing we had to buy between here and there was in fact different. So you are just now moving into a solid 12 month size. However, by 4-5 months your sister was FULLY in 12 month or bigger clothes.

Your brother still ate jarred baby food and formula at this age. He refused to try to put anything in his mouth for finger type foods and played with a sippy cup. No I am not kidding. By this age your sister had finger foods down pat but refused a sippy cup for anything. You.....LOVE TO EAT jarred food, pick up and experiment with finger foods and will chew on a sippy cup only, but mostly you like when the water comes out of the spout when you shake it so hard.

Today you will have your six month check up. Yes, at nearly 7 1/2 months. Your doctor was on paternity leave for a few weeks in March and we went on vacation for 10 days in March. So March was out due to that. The next appointment (after I remembered to schedule) was on your big brothers birthday and I said No not that day. Then I asked for an appointment last week but they gave me today instead. Oh well.

I will update the space below with your stats after your appointment.

Almost 19 pounds. ALMOST.
28" tall
Head is 17 3/4 inches