Saturday, August 1, 2015

One Weekend

One weekend we had a busy weekend planned. I was actually going to wear a dress and go on a "date" with my husband Kid Free!

That is until my Kaje woke up with a fever yesterday morning. It's likely a virus. It goes away with medication.

So cancel the Friday go to the J-B- F Sale.
So cancel the Friday plans to let the big kids choose
Naptime happened and he was a bit better but still iffy but we went ahead and went to cub scout swim party. However, I did not allow him to swim even though he wanted to. I didn't want to chance him in the water and complicating him further or complicating someone else's weekend! I don't want to share the virus wealth and he was pretty much stuck to the stroller or roaming around where no others were.

Then I finally got the last kid in bed...... at 11:30 that Eman!
Then Eman woke at 1:00
I went back to bed at 1:30
Kaje was up at 1:40
Back to bed at 2:30
Eman up at 4
Back to bed at 4:40
Then at 6:15 both began to fuss.
Still feverish but still goes away with meds and he plays like a champ. Stupid virus!

The older two have a birthday party later this morning. Looks like I am a drop off mom after the waiver is filled out of course.

Cancel the date with my husband. Cancel the dress and dress shoes. Just a Saturday night at home.

However, a fever doesn't scare my friend away whose planning to come visit me tomorrow night and stay the night. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So.....its been

It has been one month since I blogged. Not that I haven't wanted to blog just LIFE has happened in that months time.

I shuttled kids to and from cub scout day camp and vbs with extended care. This was for the two older ones. I would leave the house at 7:15-7:20 in the morning to get my son to cub scout day camp at one of the local parks by 7:45. I would drop him off. Sign him in and make sure one of the adult leaders/walkers were onsite. I would leave there and then drive further north to drop my daughter off at vbs that had an extended care option (lunch, playtime, craft and movie) she had to be there at 9. After all that I pretty much had a couple hours free to do just whatever the littles and I wanted. The little boys went down for an early nap to compensate for being up early to drop bubby off. They got about a 2-2 1/2 hour nap before I had to leave and go restart the shuttle back to pick my son up by 3:15 and my daughter by 4.

We began Wednesday night summer Science Lab at a local church. One day a week for one hour a day the kids get a Bible lesson along with a science experiment to go along with the Bible lesson. It will last a few weeks end of June, July and into early August. The kid seem to be enjoying it.

Then we had a few days off and a holiday. My daughter celebrated her half birthday :)

We then had a send off to my husband and oldest son as they headed off to cub scout residence camp. They were gone from Wednesday to Saturday. My Kaje struggled on Friday with the absence of dad and brother he kept pointing at the family photo and saying "dad.......ohhhhwooo." That boy had a big cheesy smile when they came home the next morning. It was constant chatter.

My mom's birthday happened and for the first time in a few years we weren't able to visit near her birthday and let my son buy her a birthday present. He always pick it out. He's been doing this for a few years now. Except for this year when I dropped the ball and he was away at cub camp. I ordered a package online and mailed it to her. Thankfully, it was approved by my son when I showed him the picture. We called her on her birthday. She talked and talked but one story that stays fresh in my mind:

My moms friend was bitten by a rattlesnake on the 3rd. She was weeding her flowerbed. She's an older lady and after getting bit she got dressed and finally got her husband to take her to the ER. By then she was in poorer shape. (At this point she knew it was a snake but I think thought it was a copperhead). She ended up on the lifeflight headed to a bigger city to be treated in ICU. After the first dose of anti-venom they realized it wasn't a copperhead and it took 4 doses to get her up and going again. It will be weeks more before she is much better but mending.

Then my kids had a week of VBS at a local church. The kids got so excited to work jobs around the house to raise money for world vision with the VBS. Each class had a competition daily and at the end of the week the kids in each class would decide what animals to buy with their donations. While no class received enough to buy a cow........the kids were able to buy some larger animals and smaller ones too. So think goat or sheep (maybe both), ducks, chickens, fishing kit, rabbits, etc. To hear their excitement made me happy. At the end of the week they ended with a water slide and a small pool of water guns and wet balls and included sno cones for any.

This week has been a week off too. We had our first playdate of the year with school age friends. Yeah, I guess better late then never. We spent 4 hours at a friends house and they even did a fantastic job of including the little ones.

I also decided this week to officially go to Indianapolis in September. I will leave two days before my little En's birthday and get home 3 days after his birthday. I will video chat with the family on his birthday for sure. I  have the best husband. He gets 15 days of vacation a year. This year he's taking 7 of them so I can be gone to various places. First it was Atlanta. Up Next: Vail. Followed by Indianapolis.

And the final news of this update: I am getting a new sister in law. Yep, it's true my little brother popped the question on Sunday. They are engaged. I tried to say "hey get married in November then I don't have to make a special trip" :) Yeah, it doesn't matter. I am happy if he is happy. And hey she likes me and my kids so we didn't scare them off!

Monday, June 22, 2015


I gave up on my fight against the medical bills. I did what I could. In the end we didn't see fully eye to eye. I won't complain though I did get some favor in the end.

The weather has been two extremes. Really really wet or really really warm with the humidity making it miserable. Welcome to my city!

This week I am driving the red land shuttle back and forth. It is the week where each of my older kids get almost a full day without each other and camaraderie with others. It is good that they can each have this time to be themselves and not worry about their sibling or mom!
  • As for me and the littles well-- we don't have lots to do this week. I am working on the house and we are adjusting the routine. They have to get up early this week. That means I am making them nap early this week. Currently I have them both down for a nap and wouldn't you know it's been 1 hour. They can have up to one more hour.....before I have to start the shuttle again.
  • This morning was a little stress. Not actually stress getting up or out the door. But I put kid 1 in and then went to put kid 2 in and the diaper was dirty. Ugh. Trash day. Diaper change on the front seat so I could just toss it. But the stress came to the unorganization of the first drop off.  Thankfully the 2nd drop off was a well oiled machine. In the end though the next 4 days will be a-okay because day one drop offs are sometimes hard!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Around Town

I am still here I promise.
I have had a lot going on.

I took a trip with just me and my 4. I went there. We came back.
I've been behind on the laundry in my home. Nope I have zero problem washing it. I have zero problems drying it. But the sorting, folding, putting away it down right stinks.
A tropical storm came. It went. It was much ado about nothing here at my house. As my husband said we have had more rain on a chance of rain then we did with this tropical storm.

Today my little En is 9 months old. He is 39 weeks old as well (in 4 days he will be the same age outside as he was inside). Yeah, it's weird how that works he was born on the 17th---today is the 17th making him 9 months......

I am thankful that I am not pregnant this summer. After the last two of being miserable or miserable and pregnant or even miserable HOT and pregnant. I am thankful for what God has provided and given me to train up.

So a few En stats:

Birth weight 7 pounds 15 ounces (he was my littlest in weight). Came home in a newborn outfit.
Now I don't know his exact weight. But it is 20+ pounds I am sure. The kid is all thighs. He is wearing some 12 month but mostly 18 month. He is a full 2 - 3 months ahead in sizing of Kaje as Kaje didn't wear 18 month until he was 11 months old.

He crawls-Fast!
He stands- some
He eats everything - except for food he's been given in the high chair. Hates puree!
He sleeps - for the most part. I won't complain but he could sleep better but I am thankful it isn't worse!