Monday, August 31, 2015

Put off---- After while-- In a little bit

Whose guilty? Guilty of putting things off and saying "After while" or "in a little bit" and the next thing you know it's 3 days later and you're still putting it off.

Simple fact: We all are.

Though it hurts more when you're the one watching someone being put off. And whether it's intentional or not it still sucks all the same.

I had a great time on my Colorado vacation.
I followed my Colorado vacation with a trip to visit my family.

Almost literally putting me out of town 1/2 of August. Here or there. Without kids. With kids. I was traveling.

I watched as others put others off.
I watched as people asked others for help. Only to be brushed off.

Come on folks. Shove something out of your busy day and do something for another person! Good Grief!


You know when I am asked to do something....even if I don't really want to do it I will get it done. Sure it may not be as quick as it would be if it was something I wanted to do.

However, this request was simple. A photo of you. Take a selfie. Most of the people with cell phones have one capable of taking a selfie and emailing it to another person.

The first request was August 5. A two week deadline. Because it was well summer and people were still on or going on vacation. TWO weeks and Zilch. Yes, zilch. Not rocket science. I actually had one person try but all I got was a blank e-mail. I e-mailed back and NO, no response.

The second request was on August 24 (A FULL WEEK after the first deadline) because you guessed it I only got one in that week (actually I knew this one would be late but still). So now I have had to go and find photos of these people because they just didn't get to me.

There were only 8 people. One person single handedly helped me get those photos. I am working on a major deadline. I have to have it done by the end of this week and now I only have a matter of hours instead of a matter of days!

A some point I am a little fiercely mad!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Flower Girl daughter is going to be a flower girl

ON AUGUST 20........2016!

Really a 13 month engagement.

Now, to begin looking for a dress or a dress pattern for her to be said flower girl. Bride has semi-specific taste and must go with brown cow girl boots. I am keeping my eye out at the thrift stores!

Its a dress my daughter could wear again so.....thats why it is important to keep an eye out!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

One Weekend

One weekend we had a busy weekend planned. I was actually going to wear a dress and go on a "date" with my husband Kid Free!

That is until my Kaje woke up with a fever yesterday morning. It's likely a virus. It goes away with medication.

So cancel the Friday go to the J-B- F Sale.
So cancel the Friday plans to let the big kids choose
Naptime happened and he was a bit better but still iffy but we went ahead and went to cub scout swim party. However, I did not allow him to swim even though he wanted to. I didn't want to chance him in the water and complicating him further or complicating someone else's weekend! I don't want to share the virus wealth and he was pretty much stuck to the stroller or roaming around where no others were.

Then I finally got the last kid in bed...... at 11:30 that Eman!
Then Eman woke at 1:00
I went back to bed at 1:30
Kaje was up at 1:40
Back to bed at 2:30
Eman up at 4
Back to bed at 4:40
Then at 6:15 both began to fuss.
Still feverish but still goes away with meds and he plays like a champ. Stupid virus!

The older two have a birthday party later this morning. Looks like I am a drop off mom after the waiver is filled out of course.

Cancel the date with my husband. Cancel the dress and dress shoes. Just a Saturday night at home.

However, a fever doesn't scare my friend away whose planning to come visit me tomorrow night and stay the night.