Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cinco De Mayo

I am making plans. I finally found some place to stay. It wasn't quite an arm or a leg in price but as of right now its a mommy vacation-well you know for fun and work! Most of the others are bringing their family or something- or their plans changed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Try and Try again

Since December my son has been working on a merit badge for his Boy Scouts stuff. It is the personal fitness merit badge they started it as a group back in December but he didn't start it until January after timed mile run. He (with some inspiration from me) worked on a plan for his fitness. 

He had to work for the last 3 months. He should have earned his merit badge on his birthday. BUUUUUUUUUT he didn't because he forgot one area of research. No big deal mom.....He came home and completed it the next day knowing he had a week to get it done. 

Yesterday I reminded him to find that pesky blue card, his book, and his hard work. But along the way I had mentioned to him "maybe he should fill in some more blanks." He excitedly told me .... "don't worry mom, we don't have to fill them all in we just need to know our stuff." 

So here he comes home tonight- merit badge unfinished.- because he did not fill in an important blank!

No meeting next week because it's the 3rd week for patrol break out. So.......onward to waiting two weeks now! Who wants to take bets on whether he is a little more thorough this time around.