Monday, February 8, 2016

In the news

It's a sad reason really, but to wake up and see your mom on the that's something. The news said that a neighbor and friend of my mom and 3 other perished in a mobile home fire. It's really sad to loose 4 people to a fire.

But my mom did an excellent interview. I could have expected it to look differently but she did an amazing job.

Keep her friends family in your prayers and those neighbors and friends who lost someone special to their community!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What a month


You came in with a 4 day weekend. We celebrated our daughters 8th birthday on the 4th day.

The second weekend the hubs and 2-big kids went to stay the night on a big boat. Got a history lesson. Had a great time. I stayed at home and caught a terrible head cold. I went into church and came out with everything echoing and sounding like I had swam for hours.

By the 3rd weekend it was a MOPS meeting day and then hubs and oldest ran a 5k and then my hubs ran a full 26.2. I was still battling that blasted cold and now a cough that won't quit.

Then mid month my husband was asked to go to another city for a work meeting. Just for a day. That crinkled the weekend plans only a little. The 4th weekend we had our kids pinewood derbies. The daughter had "powder puff derby" and while she won no trophys or awards. She came away proud of her car and knew she had did 95% of the work herself (daddy used the saw, mommy bought the paint(requested colors), taped it, and daddy assisted with the weighing-weight addition). Our son won his first trophy but not for speed he won it for best theme. I'm so proud of him it was all his idea. And while I had to show him a few techniques he did 97% of the work on his own (bigger kid got to do bigger things).

That lead us to the final week of the month where we had the biggest rat race every single day. Between life and PE and life. It was a long week. We made it work. We had an appointment (well walk-in) on Friday and while the day started out not shaping up like it was previously planned, it turned out well. This past weekend was no exception in the busy department.

So now it is a new month and I'm already behind on my blog. Oh well......I am off in search of some long johns. Nope, not the donut style. This tropical girl is headed to the mountains where it will be a tenny bit colder.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The update

So......I went and got my membership card last week to the new gym. We signed the older two kids up for a PE class for homeschoolers. It is a two day a week, 1 hour a day class so that will get me to the gym.

Then Friday it was date night. Let me say that this time though I invited a 3rd wheel to the date night scene. My husband has a friend whose birthday is this week. So I said invite him to dinner. We still had time after to have a date.

Saturday my husband and oldest two kids left and went to stay the night on an aircraft carrier. That put me at home with my two littles all on my own. It wasn't so bad, really. It did wear me out but I think that's because I am battling a head cold.

Sunday the littles and I went to church. I dropped them off with the usual....easy to drop off and the kicking and screaming drop off. I walked into the sanctuary and once the music and such ears began to RING. Oh my gosh the rest of the day I battled echos and ringing in my ear. It was very sensitive. I forced myself to a meeting because I thought this day was the deadline day--apparently it wasn't because they failed to promote it beyond October.

That leads me to today....this is my stay at home day. Although I do have to make dinner plans. Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday I have things going on so I needed today.

It is my goal to this month (since our family is fasting from TV.....and well let's be honest my 1-1.5 hours of TV at night has been my sanity. My belly full of laughs. My time to unwind) is to clean one room of our home and make it a happier clean.

Sunday (wasn't the first day of the fast) I took down all the inside Christmas decor. Normally it isn't up this is usually down before my daughters birthday and I just flat out forgot last week. I mean I got caught up in a mean game of climbing Mount Laundry!

Monday--I am working on my kitchen first. Today I have moved the L-shaped bench and swept and mopped under it. Then I need to tackle the pantry, countertops, and pots and pans area. Those are the areas that get the most use. This won't be a one day thing.

Friday, January 8, 2016


Well, it looks as though our family is making a switch. We have joined the YMCA. We have signed our big kids up for a Homeschool PE class that begins next week.

If this works out it could be a good thing. We have an all city pass so therefore we can go to multiple locations without issue. Good thing. The one we went to last night isn't the one where the PE class will be held! :)