Monday, October 17, 2016

A Season

10 years ago

I was preparing to move away from all my friends.

9 years ago 

I was just meeting new friends

3-8 years ago 

I had lots of friends

3 years ago- Now
I feel as though I am doing life with who ever has time.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wish List

A friendly note to the friends and family....

The wishlist is currently up to date. So go click on the tab at the top and I will keep it updated through January 10 :)

I am also adding ideas for the kiddos!


I survived!

Two years ago I promised my son that I would camp at the family camp out in the fall with him. The whole family had not camped out since 2012 when we were a family of 4. Now as a family of 6 its a teeny bit more work involved to go camping. But I did it. Now.....everytime he's had a campout, I have been there and just not stayed the night. This time though.....we survived.

Next time....the boys will be even older and we will likely not be with cub scouts. As our time as family camping is coming to an end. That said......3-4 more years and I could have a cub scout again!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I recently went on a trip to Milwaukee. I flew standby. That was an experience within itself but that was uneventful.

When leaving Htown I found it relieving that since there was a maintenance issue with our plane they did not board us and in the end we only ended up taking off about 12 minutes late. The flight got a little turbulent over Chicago and on into Milwaukee. We flew over Lake Michigan. That was pretty! Fortunately, I was able to get on the earlier flight on the day I left and I landed in the same time frames as some friends of mine. We all 4 piled into an uber minivan and went on our way to the hotel.

The most awkward hotel ever. The hotel desk was not at the front you either had to drag your luggage up flights of stairs or get from the LL to the L levels. And there was not a 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor. It went from LL-L-4 and on up. HA!

That evening we went to dinner at a place called the Safe House. It was pretty cool place. I didn't care for the food I got but the experience was pretty neato. We tried going to Walgreens and they were closed. Yep, they are only open from 7A-7P. 

I was amazed at how slow the downtown was with people and traffic. I guess I thought Milwaukee was pretty big. I was wrong. I compared it to the size of Tulsa and I really wasn't far off.

The next day:
We went to lunch at a hot dog/brat house. Then on a river boat tour. That was pretty neat and the only time this southern girl actually needed a jacket. Then I walked a lot to another restaurant to sit with friends, then to another restaurant to actually eat with my team.

The 3rd day:
It was a full day of work and training. We began at 8am. The text we got was it begins at 8am sharp and starbucks opens at 6am. Ha Ha!  We concluded this evening by going out to eat as a team and finishing up the 15 pounds of goodies to pass out on Thursday night. We also had late night practice for our special on Thursday night.

The 4th day:
It was a half day of training. We also had to be there again at 8am. And then we got lunch and time to hit the ground running. We literally went from one place to another in rushed speed at some times. Today was one of my introvert to extrovert days. When I had to be on stage yep you read that right I got up and jumped around for mommies. I held my phone and fist pumped and jumped for 4 minutes. My phone was changing colors and blinking to the lyrics. They gave the second "Heart of Service" award ever. And we had a long night of Meetings and then another round of registration.

The 5th day:
This was my slower day. Not a day too soon either. At the end of the day I was eating and Uber-ing my way through Milwaukee with two friends. We ended up in some pretty weird parts but it was all good. At the end of that night we all ordered double dip custards and then pints to take back. Then we found a movie on tv and ate custard and watched tv and just talked.

The 6th day:
Another busy day and final full day. At the end of this day I was dressed up like I just came out of 1980s dorkdom and danced like a fool. I had artist signing after it was all said and done. And I was done. Except for packing. I then had to stay up wayyyyyy past my bedtime for packing. It was one of those instances where you contemplate not going to bed.

The 7th day:
Then it was up way early for my uber ride to the airport. The airport was the most boring airport ever. I passed all these pretty stores that sold food and stupidly went through security before the sun came up. Then once through all there was to find was an overpriced cheese head shop and a serve yourself starbucks along with a grab and go carbs. I was lucky to get on the first flight and not have to spend my day in that tiny side. I landed off the smoothest and quietest flight ever. But it was 50 minutes from the time I landed until I was in the car with my family. There was a hold up on the taxiway getting to our gate (the other plane had not left yet), then getting to baggage claim, for some reason our bags were coming off two claim areas. I found my bag on the opposite claim from the signage. I'd say that is because I was on standby, but my friends bag was also on the opposite claim area and she bought her ticket and chose a seat!  This day I also found out I can sleep like a the most uncomfortable and awkward position because tiredness does not care.