Wednesday, March 4, 2015


These days my posts seem to be fewer and farther between. It isn't that I don't want to blog any more because I do.

These days life has been more of a fly by the seat of my pants daily. I am trying to out run the rain, the wind, and the sudden 30 degree temperature drops. Things that I would normally lump together to do at once have been more spread out and daily to accommodate wacky weather.

These days I am glad to get into bed before midnight. Once dinner is over and the dishwasher is loaded I still have things to do. Bedtime x4. While the older two can put themselves in their pjs, brush their own teeth and climb in bed themselves. They still like for mom or dad to come in and "tuck them in" or "check on them." The littles still need help and rely on everything from mom and dad. The oldest little is easy. He goes to bed pretty well and pretty much on demand once he's in his crib moments later he's in the land of nod. The youngest well, he has no such pattern. He goes to bed somewhere between 10 and midnight--depending on his mood I guess. Which I might add---he isn't usually moody cranky just "talkative" or " wanting that quite time with mom or dad.

These days I have given my fight over to someone else. I can no longer do this alone.
These days I respond only by mail.

I am counting the days until my trip. I know what part of my time will be spent doing. But here I sit worried about crazy things what bag will I pack my stuff in?

I am trying to figure out when I will take my kiddos to visit their grandparents out of state. Normally we would go in March. Can't. They are having wack-a-doodle weather too, and a calendar full of random commitments puts us in a no-go place.

I am busy signing up for summer activities. Oldest son will be doing two scout events (day camp and resident camp) this summer. Thankfully, they aren't back to back this year. Daughter will be doing an extended VBS again this year which is still the same week as our oldest son's day camp.

So pardon me. I will be back in due time. Until then.......enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

106 pages

I did it. I sent my documents in. I prayed that they bring a good outcome worth the hours of time I have spent getting here.

106 pages of my life.

Hopeful that I can get this medical (insurance) issue resolved.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where I am going

So......I have an addiction.

I take my kids to lunch or breakfast *yes all 4 by myself* at least once every week. We most usually go to the same place every single time. I go there because I get coupons. I have refill mugs. We can eat "cheap."

It is something they look forward to. I began doing this when I was so sick pregnant *and still only had 2 kids* because it not only got me out of the house but it was a place I felt comfortable going.

It became my "Cheers!" It was a place where I could go and many people knew my name. Those who didn't already know my name quickly learned my name. If they couldn't remember my name they did remember my family.

People likely made fun of me for my long visits. But as I mentioned they were now "family" my "Cheers."

Sometime last summer I was given a card. It is a special card for special frequent guests. It is call being part of the A - List. It is given to you by a specific store. (At that time to only be used at that store). After 10 time (or was it 20) of using the card (it was temporary) I got a silver card in the mail. With my name on it.

I got a letter in the mail inviting me on a tour. Except for I was 36 weeks pregnant and I could not go. No travel. I let it be.

Well, now the A - List card is tied to the app on my phone. The app I use to pay for our meals. I like the app. If I have the toddler in the high chair and the infant in the carrier I don't have to fumble with my wallet just my phone. Scan and pay. Done.

Then in January I got an e-mail inviting me again for a special trip. Yes, it is a trip we have to pay for (they just organize) and it is totally frivolous. But my husband encouraged me to book it. Go alone.

I wrestled with this. We are working on our house. We bought a new to us car. We bought a new to us laptop. Staying home is free(er) then flying, hotel, and tickets! He didn't let go. GO! You need the break. I still couldn't talk myself into going. Then I was told to go by someone else.

I had to book for the first available trip by yesterday morning. I stayed up until 1am booking hotel (2nd night), flight, and getting the ticket.

I am going to Atlanta. I am touring the Chick Fil A stuff. I am addicted to Chick Fil A. I am a part of the Chick Fil A ---- A list group.

Then last night my husband tells me I should have booked a Thursday night flight and stayed an extra 2 nights in the hotel. I have non refundable tickets. Well, I bought the ticket at 12:30am my time Feb 13. They say you have until midnight the day after to change or refund. Guess, what they say they issued my ticket on the 12th. I missed it. Argh!

I am leaving on a jet plane.
But I know when I will be back again.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Atlanta 2

I did it.
I'm going on a sanity break.
A totally frivolous trip.
To a destination (Atlanta) that I'd never just jump on.

now I'm nervous about going. What will I wear? Lol

Yes it is almost 1am and I'm blogging about it. I had to be registered by 9 in the morning. I couldn't guarantee I would be able to register before then if not now.

Now time to sleep!