Saturday, May 16, 2015

Food Food Food Food Food

I am currently in the kitchen prepping

5 heads of lettuce (chopping 1- 1/2 for tacos, prepping the rest for hamburgers)
25 tomatoes turning them into slices for hamburgers
12 smaller onions into rings for hamburgers

I also bough 80 hamburger buns and 56 hot dog buns. But whose counting?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mothers Day

Just another day invented by the greeting card folks! Lol.

This year my kids have an "idea" for Mothers day. They have kept it amongst themselves. They have maybe mentioned it to dad. He asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day.

Well, what I am getting is an upright freezer, I bought two end tables and a coffee table (for cheap that match my tv stand--but I did not buy them from my husband's favorite store :) ) and I am getting my brakes redone on my van.

Sure my kids will likely still want to get me something. I won't take their spark away.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Really Quacky

So our neighborhood is on a forum board. I like it mostly. Then there are those "old bats" that make you scratch your head and wonder.

A few months ago it was some lady who "I pay for a service and I should get it" though it clearly states that on these days service will not be provided. Therefore in my mind you are getting what you pay for. Reality is it was a dumb squabble and it boiled down to the changing of the times. If trash day fell on a holiday they would collect it the next day and not the next scheduled day. Then again I think that's confusing too so I like it just the "next scheduled day!"

Now we are on to a woman who lives in a house nearby to the neighborhood pool. She posted last night about "keeping your kids quiet" okay 1) it is outdoors and 2) it is outdoors. We have kids bottled up day in and day out "use your inside voices" "shhhhh" "no be quiet" but let them outside and they know they can run, jump, scream, carry on and have a grand ole time. Then some old coger gets their panties or boxers in a wad and thinks "kids should always be quiet" and squeeling and having fun is a no no. I bet she claps parents out of restaurants too and makes them feel like they are the size of a thimble when they are doing their best with toddlers.

Really it is people like that I could hope they get 10 days worth of hemorrhoid inflammation. Get over it and buy your next house or rent it away from a public pool.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Broken ..... A point

Yesterday, I was stranded. Yes, totally stranded. I could not get inside my van. My key decided to crap out and not work. At all. Period. I was 35 miles from home. My husband was 70 miles from me. I had all 4 kids with me.

I dumped my purse in the parking lot. I didn't have a spare key (hey sometimes I do....and I always will from now on). You see, I could have got in my van key on the side of my door would work. We haven't had anyone help us take the door panel off and see if it is an easy fix like we were told. So I could have did this the manual way if that wasn't broken. Then there is the fact I was using a key that we just got and we did not have the key cut on the end since the door panel didn't work.

Uh yeah....two things are going to happen. The blasted door lock will be fixed. And I won't go without a 2nd key.

It was embarassing. I was broken. I was in tears. And I was thankful I had taken the formula and a few diapers out of the van for the babies. Cause, folks I was seriously stranded and in tears.

The long and short of it....I had just finished a tour. The husband of one of the families works there so I wasn't totally alone. I did have to leave my 4 kids there with them while their 18 year old son took me home. We thought it would be faster. I could have just waited on my husband. He made it there about the same time I got back from a round trip!