Monday, June 22, 2015


I gave up on my fight against the medical bills. I did what I could. In the end we didn't see fully eye to eye. I won't complain though I did get some favor in the end.

The weather has been two extremes. Really really wet or really really warm with the humidity making it miserable. Welcome to my city!

This week I am driving the red land shuttle back and forth. It is the week where each of my older kids get almost a full day without each other and camaraderie with others. It is good that they can each have this time to be themselves and not worry about their sibling or mom!
  • As for me and the littles well-- we don't have lots to do this week. I am working on the house and we are adjusting the routine. They have to get up early this week. That means I am making them nap early this week. Currently I have them both down for a nap and wouldn't you know it's been 1 hour. They can have up to one more hour.....before I have to start the shuttle again.
  • This morning was a little stress. Not actually stress getting up or out the door. But I put kid 1 in and then went to put kid 2 in and the diaper was dirty. Ugh. Trash day. Diaper change on the front seat so I could just toss it. But the stress came to the unorganization of the first drop off.  Thankfully the 2nd drop off was a well oiled machine. In the end though the next 4 days will be a-okay because day one drop offs are sometimes hard!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Around Town

I am still here I promise.
I have had a lot going on.

I took a trip with just me and my 4. I went there. We came back.
I've been behind on the laundry in my home. Nope I have zero problem washing it. I have zero problems drying it. But the sorting, folding, putting away it down right stinks.
A tropical storm came. It went. It was much ado about nothing here at my house. As my husband said we have had more rain on a chance of rain then we did with this tropical storm.

Today my little En is 9 months old. He is 39 weeks old as well (in 4 days he will be the same age outside as he was inside). Yeah, it's weird how that works he was born on the 17th---today is the 17th making him 9 months......

I am thankful that I am not pregnant this summer. After the last two of being miserable or miserable and pregnant or even miserable HOT and pregnant. I am thankful for what God has provided and given me to train up.

So a few En stats:

Birth weight 7 pounds 15 ounces (he was my littlest in weight). Came home in a newborn outfit.
Now I don't know his exact weight. But it is 20+ pounds I am sure. The kid is all thighs. He is wearing some 12 month but mostly 18 month. He is a full 2 - 3 months ahead in sizing of Kaje as Kaje didn't wear 18 month until he was 11 months old.

He crawls-Fast!
He stands- some
He eats everything - except for food he's been given in the high chair. Hates puree!
He sleeps - for the most part. I won't complain but he could sleep better but I am thankful it isn't worse!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Here lately

Here lately, I have had zero motivation. I  have 10-thousand things to do. I have 0-thousand time to do anything. I do as much as I can each day and move on. Sure, there is some procrastination. Some laziness. Err downtime. But I do what I can.

Elisa Morgan wrote a book "She did What she could." There are days I wish I could do more. Fact is I don't have the energy after watching my busy toddler all day long. He goes behind me and messes up anything I cleaned up.

I admitted its why I like to mow the lawn. He doesn't go directly behind me messing it up. I see it. Completed. It is done and I did it.

My Kaje can now open doors, dishwashers, stand on step stools, reach the water and ice in the door (no there isn't a lock).

To top that......En has decided now is the time to crawl. Sit up. Feed himself!

I am tired.

Anyone know of a house keeper? Anyone want to baby sit while I be the house keeper? LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Food Food Food Food Food

I am currently in the kitchen prepping

5 heads of lettuce (chopping 1- 1/2 for tacos, prepping the rest for hamburgers)
25 tomatoes turning them into slices for hamburgers
12 smaller onions into rings for hamburgers

I also bough 80 hamburger buns and 56 hot dog buns. But whose counting?