Monday, October 20, 2014

Rat Race

The last few weeks it has been "here. here. here. there there there there here there here there." Non stop. I kid you not.

I got to see my husband on Thursday after work. I really did not see him again until Saturday afternoon. Why because of the here. there. there. here. here. there.  Yes, it is true.

Friday he got up and went to work. Hubs went to a wedding (the kids and I opted not to go due to the 7pm time and we would have had 2 cars in a city 45 minutes away--in no traffic). He got home late. After I had put the kids through the shower/bath and to bed. In fact I was asleep when he got home. I woke when he asked me a question.

Saturday he got up at 5am to go golfing with his dad. The golf course was a an hour or so away from our house but he still had to drive to his dads and meet the rest of the "team" there. So he golfed all morning and into the afternoon.

So when Sunday rolled around. We quit. We made a parental decision to skip scouts on Sunday. There is a point where we need to see each other as a family. My husband needed to see his wife and kids. My kids needed to see their dad. That's exactly what we did.

There are times that each and every weekend is dedicated to everyone else that we don't dedicate anything to ourselves. Sadly, in life we can get so consumed in every other detail we forget about ourselves.

As a wife and mom I spend so much time making sure my husband has what he needs. My kids having what they need that the one moment I take for myself. I realize I do not  have what I need.

Clothing for example- I have spent the last two years pregnant. Now I either donated or misplaced my normal clothes. Let me tell you I am SICK SICK SICK of wearing maternity clothes. But my husband I just bought him new jeans. My kids I just went to the resale store and picked up what they needed.

My hair is a fuzzy frizzy mess. You see I  haven't went to get my hair cut since July 3. Not technically bad because usually I only get my hair cut 1x a year or so. BUT I have had less time to deal with it and I also have a 1 year old who likes to pull on it.  

I haven't slept more then a 4 hour stretch in days. That's typical for a newborn. Let me tell you though having 3 other kids and one of them being just a mere 12 months/12 days older then the youngest I am exhausted no matter when I sit down or lie down.

So when you look at your life. Look at the rat race you're following. Is it a pattern or a habit? Don't forget to take care of yourself. There are only so many calendar days with them and you. Take each day seriously.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Today I set out to go shopping. 4 kids in tow. Yes, all 4 and I was going to shop for me.

My kids have been BEGGING to see their Memaw, Aunts, Cousins for the last two weeks. Finally I was in the right place at the right time to possibly meet up. Thankfully, an Aunt came through with her husband and kids.

The original plan was to eat first and shop second. It turned out to be a quick unsuccessful trip to the store before lunch because no one could meet before noon. I didn't get any clothes. I didn't even get to look at the racks much. My youngest got hungry. My 3rd got upset. My 1 and 2 decided that crawling around on the floor was a good idea.

I left and went home after lunch. I put 3 down for a nap. I fed 4. 1 and 2 went outside to play. That was not the plan. I do not mind at all shopping with my kids. I do mind when they act up. I won't put myself through that nor anyone else shopping around me.

Lunch was a fun time. No really "fun" is a nice word. 3 decided to scream and refuse to eat. 4 decided at the end that it was time to eat. 

I might try again to go shopping someday. Until then I will wear my 1 pair of jeans, my maternity bottoms, or my exercise pants because apparently I can not find my 1 pair of shorts that I bought in 2011 or 2012 that I love so much. 

My husband would encourage me to go shopping and he'd take care of the kids. Except for he's busy too. He hasn't run all month. He has been doing scout stuff with our son/kids. He has been doing things for others. Today he's at a wedding. Tomorrow golfing. Sunday we have scouts. It has been crazy.

Now if anyone knows a laundry folder.
A dinner cooker.
Let me know I need a maid and a butler.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


4 weeks have passed. This time 4 weeks ago I was holding a very new very just born baby boy. We had yet to name him. He was only few handfuls of minutes old and nameless. Well, unless you were my husband's family and everyone got a different name sent to them :)

Now for the reflection.

September 17, 2009 it was a Thursday. We were on family vacation. We were up visiting my family and our friends. We were headed to the next state when we stopped for a bathroom break at a department store. That was when my daughter (who was 20 months old) decided to hang and twist and give herself nursemaids elbow. We ended up in the local ER for a few hours. In the end she was fine.

September 17, 2011 it was a Saturday. We were out and about. It was a dreary day. We were in the next town over and while I knew I was carrying a baby that was already gone I didn't know the day was going to turn out that way. I ended up in the Emergency Room. The baby we knew was gone was now really gone. And while the circumstances surrounding my visit to the ER were already grim the care I received there wasn't up to par either.  We chose to name the baby "Page."

September 17, 2014 it was a Wednesday. I was checking in to the Family Birth Center at the very same hospital that held the ER mentioned above. This time though my arms were not empty. This time we brought the baby home.

I am glad something positive finally happened on this day. However, it is funny that I sit down to blog today and that is what comes to mind. I couldn't have told you four weeks ago that there was any similarity to that date. Today though, the dates come to mind.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hodge Podge Post

I love how insurance "pays" but do they really know what they are paying? Do they realize they are promising money to people that they don't have to promise?

My insurance pays 100% after deductible. I chose that plan because I KNEW I would meet the deductible. I keep receiving statements with "You May Owe Provider....." and reality is when you add those numbers up they are MORE then my deductible. I had to pay my doctor up front. So she's got her money. Everyone else will be held in limbo until all bills are received only because if I don't watch it I will end up paying more I am sure everyone wants our money---their money.

My husband had a procedure this summer. We received a bill AFTER we had paid his bill of what they asked. This is for something that we are going to dispute. No blood was drawn. Nothing of that sort so why are we receiving a pathology bill? Uh, yeah, nope (note: different insurance different battle). Apparently the phone numbers on the bill only go to paying the option to talk to a person.

Last year for our Anniversary/Birthday's/Christmas my husband and I bought a sectional sofa. We only had 3 chairs in our living room. One was a recliner, one a chair and footstool, and the other a wooden rocking chair. We had plans for the rocking chair to be in the "nursery." Our big living room looked rather odd with only the chairs and random tables for our lamps (we got rid of our old worn out couches the year before).

This year it looks like we will be purchasing a 3rd vehicle for our family. This will be a commuter vehicle. A plus for my husband is the manual transmission. I know it has been 11 years since he has owned a manual transmission vehicle but I also know he liked it very much. It will be different in traffic for sure I bet. It is not a new car. In fact it is older then what we currently own BUT we are buying it from a friend whose moving to Canada. We are pretty sure the car was maintained like their house (and their house was maintained to a polished T)--everything neatly organized with a picture on the bin of what was to be found inside.

Currently we do not plan to sell off our current car. We plan to hang on to it at least for the time being. We will just be one of those odd two driver three car families. :)

Yesterday, I was supposed to go have lunch with my friend. The kids were out of school and my friend was in town for the weekend. She was heading home that afternoon but wanted to grab lunch. I knew full well that there was rain coming. I just didn't know it was going to be like a hurricane monsoon in a short amount of time. I went and got all the kids in the car. All the bags in the car and we began our journey to the next town over. I made it the first 3-4 miles without any issue. A few light rain drops but the sky was dark in the distance. I figured we were going to come very close to a heavy line/light line of rain. Between one stop light and the next the sky opened. The wind came. My van was blowing over the road. The wipers wouldn't go any faster and I still couldn't see. Cars could be running their emergency flashers and you couldn't see them 10 feet in front of you. I decided to abort mission of the travel to the next town and go back home. It took me 35 minutes to get home. The wind. The rain. The roads were already beginning to flood in under 5 minutes. My son cried. I cried. He was mad he wasn't going to see his friend. I yelled neither am I!  We got home safely. We had a few moments though I worried. I was glad I bought tires for my van last week. If lunch had been at 12:30 and not 11:30 we could have had lunch. The skies cleared and the flood waters went away. But I don't think I will forget the hurricane monsoon anytime soon. HA!