Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My job

Today, in a small world kind of way I found out I can meet up with a colleague and fellow job volunteer when I am away. At a time where I am a little worried about pick pocketing. What to do and how to do things safely and still have a fantastic time. I find a person.

Looking forward to next week. Even more so now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Crossing T's

Dotting i's

I have so much going on around me. SOOOOO much!

I have suitcases that have been unloaded, reloaded and when that person gets back unpacked and reloaded its a whirlwind month of August around here.

I  have to finish laundry.
Make a list.
Check that list 73 times.

Make a breakfast/lunch dinner list

Take a nap! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I haven't

I haven't blogged because:

1) I have been busy.
2) I have been busier.
3) I have been busy and it isn't even the busiest time for me.

I am packing my house.
I am getting quotes to get my house in shape.
Right now what I see isn't reality. We have zero weekends and time to work on anything productive. My husband will be home for a week while I am away for the same week so let's see what gets accomplished. He has goals and toddlers. But do-able goals.

We've misplaced *aka put it here so we won't loose it place* a piece to our kitchen. That project can't go on without that piece really. I am hoping it turns up quickly.

I bought a new camera. It's cheap. But it seems to work okay. It is waterproof. So I've been playing with it in the swimming pool.

We took care of animals for a friend last week. My son did most of the work. And for a house that has no pets he did a good job helping friends out.

My husband went away on a business trip. He came home but it feels like he's still on a business trip.

We have attended 3 family birthdays (on their actual day of birthday) in the last 7 days. It is like we have 1 skip a few 2 skip a few more 3 skip a small skip and then we have 7 more birthdays in the next 8 weeks. There are 11 birthday's in 8 weeks 6 days with the local family. 

I've been busy staying caught up on my volunteer work. This past week we officially got our newest volunteer out of training and I was able to pass some of my groups over to her. We still need help and more volunteers but we are getting to more manageable levels. In fact, If I could think of exactly what I am good at I could do that for the ministry too and have a semi-job change.

My kids went to an archery camp. They both absolutely loved it. I am sad to see that YMCA close though because it could be so useful.

Anyway.......It is what I have to say right now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The world, unknown

In a day of everything being politically correct. What happened to morals? What happened to Biblically correct?

I am tired. I am tired of being shoved others opinions.

I'm voting for Hilary because she's a woman. See how that worked out for Sarah Palin.
I'm voting for Trump because he's not a politician but a business man.
I'm voting for none of the above because I don't like either candidate so I'm just not voting.

I am voting for who ever is blue.
I am voting for who ever is red.

I am sick of it. Why can't we just vote. Vote for who we believe will be the best choice. Admitting I don't think that a best choice is available. But think it wasn't even 100 years ago women were silent - no vote. Uh, this woman is voting.

But I am not voting for the wrong reasons.

While I haven't agreed with much with the current administration. I didn't agree with everything in the previous one either. That's just it. One was of one affiliation and one was from the other.

The next few months are the world.
The world of the unknown.