Tuesday, November 29, 2016

life recap

I almost skipped the whole month of November. It has been one big giant rat race since my last post. There are also things that I'd like to forget about November.

I celebrated my birthday. My kids were so excited about my birthday. They had went with dad and purchased gifts. One child had bought my gift with his own money and was VERY excited about it.  One child found out the gift she wanted to get me could only be ordered online and she refused to let dad pay for most of it she wanted it buy it so dad ordered it and she paid him. One child told me he didn't get to buy me anything and the other child was just excited about candles, singing and cake. We waited to celebrate until after daddy got home from work because my birthday was in the middle of the week. By the weeks end we had hurt feelings, stoic attitude, and figured out my daughter cuts birthday cake like she's using a chainsaw.

I happened to notice that it was quite warm in the house to me but it was still 90+ degrees outside so that warmth could have been in my head. Nope, the HVAC unit had completely crapped out. We knew it was coming and come it did and while I am thankful it came in November versus July it was still a big problem. I like my air. I like the cold. So my husband kept me from missing yet another MOPS meeting and making it 0/4 so now I am in 1/3 for my attendance to MOPS this year. He had people give estimates on new units and talked with all the people. It was one full week between the day we had people come and look at it until we had it installed. In the end it took all day to install and here we are 18 days post install and I still have some tools that belong to them in my attic and they want to come exchange out something. They contacted my husband two weeks ago but he was out of town. So we shall see when they come by.

We made a surprise trip to visit my family. My husband had the week off for Thanksgiving and we had planned to hang around here, but we felt that we could be utilized there. In the end the work and help was appreciated. We left here the Saturday before Thanksgiving and then came home on Thanksgiving morning. I have to say it was odd traveling on Thanksgiving. That and the fact I missed out on mashed potatoes and gravy.

While we were away my mom and I had traveled an hour away to go to this specific store and look at the toys they had brought in for the Christmas sales. We went to leave the store and my brand new minivan malfunctioned in the trunk latch. My cool was uncool because I was overly stressed. I went to a nearby brand dealership and I had sleeping kids, it was nearing the end of the day, and I told them I didn't have time for them to fix it just band-aid it and get me home where I could get it fixed at a better time. Like on Friday after we got home when one parent could take the van and have it fixed.

Now, here I am closing out the month a day early. I feel like this month accomplished some, lacked much, and I am ready for a new month.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Season

10 years ago

I was preparing to move away from all my friends.

9 years ago 

I was just meeting new friends

3-8 years ago 

I had lots of friends

3 years ago- Now
I feel as though I am doing life with who ever has time.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wish List

A friendly note to the friends and family....

The wishlist is currently up to date. So go click on the tab at the top and I will keep it updated through January 10 :)

I am also adding ideas for the kiddos!


I survived!

Two years ago I promised my son that I would camp at the family camp out in the fall with him. The whole family had not camped out since 2012 when we were a family of 4. Now as a family of 6 its a teeny bit more work involved to go camping. But I did it. Now.....everytime he's had a campout, I have been there and just not stayed the night. This time though.....we survived.

Next time....the boys will be even older and we will likely not be with cub scouts. As our time as family camping is coming to an end. That said......3-4 more years and I could have a cub scout again!