Friday, May 20, 2016


This year I have decided we are doing something.

Week 1--older two in a 3 hour VBS

Week 2--older two in different places for 7 hours. Lots of driving.
              Oldest at Day Camp
              Daughter at extended VBS

Week 3--Archery Camp for 3 hours, oldest 2

Week 4--Mission trip for myself and my oldest

Week 5--Little brothers wedding

Week 6--Sanity Weekend

That brings us to beginning of September!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


and Loosing.

Let me back up just a little to yesterday.

Yesterday, I decide is the day to 1) go to breakfast, 2) go get the oil changed on my van, 3) get the state inspection up to date on my van, 4) so I can re-register my vehicle with the state. Let's just say after the last stop (which was the grocery store to re-register my vehicle and to pick up dinner) my 2 year old decided to let his hair down and let loose. While I was checking out he got upset that sister put the yogurt up on the belt to the register and he didn't. Then as the cashier was ringing the goods up he suddenly remembered at the front of the store is where they keep the toddler sized shopping carts. Before I knew it I had a dashing toddler and a 10 year old steps behind him that turned into my oldest almost sitting on my 2 year old to keep him. I threw my wallet in the cart, wide open and dashed right behind them. My 2 year old was livid and mad. My 10 year old thought his brother was going to run out the door.

So here comes today.
We leave the house early. Because you know I decided on Monday that I wanted a craft for my meeting on Friday to give to everyone. I order supplies on the internet and fast shipping things arrived yesterday. My good deal and such arrived and I was so excited. Except I realized that 50pcs meant they counted the two things in the bag as an each piece and not a set.  It is now too late to order more online and get it here on time and thus an earlier departure to head to the craft store.

Uhhhh I don't craft
I now don't toddler and craft at the same time.

While in the store my toddler decided to ride on the cart not IN the cart. Good grief no. It can't be simple any more. We get to the back of the store. He decides its time to get off and touch everything. That's not going to jive with me because I expect them to behave. I get him redirected and I start looking but I have I mentioned I don't have a clue as to where to look. Toddler goes Rogue again. Older boy gets gruff. I get huffy and I say we are leaving at next outburst. Make it to the clearence area. Maybe oh maybe it will be there. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Another outburst. A long one. Mom heads to the front of the store. People staring. Get in line. People staring. Poor lady in front of me felt sorry for me but wasn't negative. Everyone else negative. People in the parking lot. Negative. Dingbat parked next to me. Decided to get in his car and drive while I was putting kids in right next to him. That annoys me. Now I am fuming. See a woman across the parking lot staring at me. She catches my eyes and then proceeds to look busy.

I am sure my face is red. My embarrassment level is very very high. I get in my car and drive away with one screaming toddler still. Who knows what set him off. He finally settles down and then we get to the next stop. The Y. It's time for a little break. Lord knows by now I need it. Childcare for the win. Physical Education for the win. But before I can get out of the car.....wooooosh rain storm.

Then I decided to play basketball with my older kids. Twenty minutes in and I was whooped and pooped out. Then again more kids were arriving and there were many more basketballs flying and I got scared off. I walked 40 minutes on the treadmill after.

Got my kids and headed off back into the rain storm to head home. Two/Four kids fall asleep in the car. Great it is raining and they are sleeping. Decide to chance it and carry them in through the rain. We made it. They stayed asleep.

That is until the little one dirtied his diaper and woke up leading to brother waking up too. A bit later he filled his pull up too. Yay less than an hours nap for both of them.

You win some
You loose some

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Job

I don't get a pay check. In fact I go into debt for my job. But I love it. Today to have the valid reasoning that others know how much you love what you do. It makes all the difference in the world.

Recently, I was feeling passed over for a "promotion" of sorts. Reality is I wasn't given the title because my "boss" is actively looking for more for me to do that meets my qualities.

Don't ever let satan tell you that "you aren't pretty enough" or that "you're an old goat" because the truth is you can wrap yourself in those emotions.

At the end of this year I celebrate 5 years of volunteer work. I love it.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Outdoors and Marketplace

I admit. I have neglected my flower beds. I also admit if we haven't been sick it's been raining. So last Tuesday May 3 I began weed pulling. We started after PE class and the toddlers were down for a nap. We worked for about 1 1/2 hours.

For Mothers Day I wanted flowers. I wanted to beautify the front landscape some. So after a day out with my family on Saturday my daughter went and picked me out some hanging baskets of flowers and the pole to hang them on.

My son and I did some sowing of seeds last week too so they are in pots trying to grow.

So here comes Saturday and I also bought some Marigolds to plant in my little flower bed and I wanted some other things for up there too. So I weeded that flowerbed and began planting. My neighbor walked over and mentioned that another neighbor hates one of my green things planted in that bed. They look "unkept" and all I had to say was that person can "buzz off" and that really wasn't what I said but for blog purposes it is exactly how I felt. Those plants were bought due to being drought tolerant. They were also purchased because they need little to no maintenance so said the man at the garden center. I was kind of irked. Annoyed. What did this neighbor whose a retired widow who doesn't do her own yard work have to do to tell another neighbor she "doesn't like my plants" I mean sounds busy body to me.

So then here is Sunday it's Mothers day. We get up, go to the donut shop, to church, to a store, to eat lunch, to swim, another store or two and home. Where we pick up the mail. And yep......we got that HOA letter. I thought it was for a trailer we had parked around our home for a long time. NOPE, we needed to weed.

Our second violation in 9 years. The first one was for trash cans being left out. This one though, they now include a photo. Well, folks, that photo is a pretty crappy one. In fact my phone takes better photos. Yes, I agree and I am not denying weeds in my flowerbed. The only thing that got to me this weekend was my neighbor......and her nextdoor one feeling they have to say something about my plants! Give it a rest!

Now the next I canceled the automatic payment of my marketplace insurance. Good riddance on June 1. I am moving to the company plan. They won't get a red cent from me in June for this "service" they provide me at highway robbery prices.

The insurance they have me with apparently isn't very good. I can't even use it at the pharmacy to fill a prescription. Don't worry's a Gold plan!