Monday, March 30, 2015

I need

A whole day to clean my house.

After having a baby......I am behind.
After having another baby.....I am behind.
After having the winter season and the rainy season.....I am behind.
Then we packed for a campout and then unpacked for a campout!!!!

The weather only has a small window of anything good where it isn't overly hot. Overly cold. Overly wet. Overly windy.

And I have a toddler.
A tornado toddler.
A hurricane toddler.
An earthquake toddler.

My hurriquakenado toddler!

Though I wouldn't change anything. Those kids are all worth it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Family Camping

This weekend was my daughters very first campout for her troop. We did a 2night family campout this weekend.

We have little kids. Kids that I deem too little to go sleep in a tent at night. So someone needed to put them in their cribs at night. That was me.

I did though make my presence in the camp all weekend. I was really only gone for the boys to sleep at night.

I also packed two cars to get there. You could tell the experienced campers from the non experienced ones.

It was airbed city. I have never been to a troop campout and watched so many people haul their blow up mattresses around. Then try to stuff these big things in a small tent.

Folks there is this little icon (on at least one of my tent bags) that says "Sleeps 3 or 1 queen mattress." Watching people try to shove a queen mattress in a tent that sleeps two was hilarious. I may or may not have giggled a little.

Okay. A lot.

The campfire the first night. Well, it wasn't until the last minute that we found out the person who was supposed to do it couldn't even be in camp. Then we started the fire. Someone thought someone else was watching it. Then let's reach the 1-s'more limit per person. I giggled all the way to my van. It was time for me to go home and thankfully I did....I would have wanted to be a rebel and eaten like 3 s'mores!

Did the girls have fun? I know my daughter did. Did the campout have some quirks? Sure it did. What campout goes exactly as planned?

My husband and I gathered supplies and brought everything except for the kitchen sink and well we had 3 wash pans that doubled as our kitchen sink.

My husband made donuts on Saturday morning, Pizza on Saturday afternoon, Cobblers Saturday night and then on Sunday morning Monkey bread. Saturday meal was provided by the troop and they only had to heat the chili up so no real food prep there.

Another dad taught the girls about building a fire.
My husband taught the girls about outdoor cooking.

All in all it went better then I had imagined in my head. Then again sometimes my imaginations run wild :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

All other CFA things

 Truett's Luau
 Where is the cow? I am Bustid (cow for Busted)!  Cause this is a Luau burger.
 Truett's Luau.
 Truett's Luau.
 Frozen Pineapple.
 Truett's Luau.
 I ate everything except for the calamari! Gross!!!

 The original dwarf house. Hapeville, GA.

 Dwarf house. Tiny door.
 Loved this.
 Dwarf house.
 Yes, they have a counter service side that serves Chick Fil A.
 They also have the serve side on the dwarf house (dwarf grill side)
Years ago Truett gave a few people menu's. These menu's were signed by him. The select patrons could order off the original menu and pay original menu price from 1946. There is one (I believe only one) woman still alive today who gets 1946 prices.

 Loved this corner booth.
 And they have pizza too. No plans for expansion outside of the one restaurant they have.
They have more locations of the Dwarf house.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Other photos: Mommy Vacation

 Building downtown
 Brittany and I. Brittany was in charge of organizing all things A-list. She is a contractor for C- F- A and works specifically with the A-list group.

 Some folks on the bus jumped out and took photos. I just took a photo from the bus.

It wasn't until after I fiddled around to the last minute to make these reservations to find out they had the Olympic Memorial Marathon on Sunday. If I had known maybe I could have begged childcare and taken my husband on the tour and he could have ran a marathon on Sunday. Nah.....another time Atlanta. Another time. 
 Seriously thought about collapsing this box (our food on Saturday came in this box) and taking it on the plane home. I did not. I threw it away!

 This is what the catering brought instead of the fries. While it wasn't the same as the fry it does keep the taste :) and does not go soggy.
 Now I share the back of the chip bag. You see this where it says they Care. Yep, they really do. Got an idea? Suggestion? Problem? Want to request a possible menu item? Contact them. 

That said ever wonder why you don't see spicy nuggets? They've been trying for years but they can not get the recipe right so therefore no plans for spicy nuggets currently.
The Atlanta airport can be confusing. The blasted thing has 3 trains. The train between the concourses. The train to the Gateway center (the one I needed) and the city train. Navigating to the correct one was a teeny bit frustrating.