Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Parade Day

Every year. Every year. There was a rodeo parade in my hometown. The parade was always on a Wednesday. The Wednesday before the rodeo began. The Rodeo Queen and The Rodeo Princess (added in the last 20 years) are towards the front.

Sometimes there are a few local high school bands. Other years there are more floats. None the less for us it was a day out of school. It was parade day. The parade began mid-morning. So one year the new Superintendent of schools decided Rodeo parade day wasn't anything to let out for. Um, yeah it cost the district money that day.

You see without the band kids marching. Without the queen and princess (yeah they are still in school). Without the kids there are no spectators. No cheerleaders to ride on the firetrucks. No one to watch the floats as they go by.

This is the 10th year in a row I have missed the rodeo parade. Sure it isn't much really. It is maybe 30 entries. But it is our town. It is tradition.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Time

Yesterday was the first time we got to see our unborn sons face. I am within the final month of pregnancy and finally we got a peek at the face. Cuteness.

Now, that said all is well in the world of baby growth. The doctors tend to worry with high blood pressure and baby development growth. If something happens it is usually better for the baby to be on the outside. We are good.

I haven't had a high blood pressure reading since 16 weeks-- that is until yesterday. Don't like spike readings at all. But I admit I was a little stressed yesterday. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to the doctors office in light traffic. Yesterday, first day of school. Yesterday appointment time during school zone times. Road construction and destruction in every corner of my world and roads I would drive to/from the doctors office. And my husband wasn't home yet. I called him. He was going to cut it too close for my liking. I jumped into the car and met him about 4 miles away which literally translates to a 20 minute savings (him driving 10 minutes home and us driving 10 minutes back). So, back to being a little stressed. You can not be late for doctor appointments. They either charge you extra or they cancel your appointment.

Monday, August 25, 2014

School Starts

I decided it was the day. We could have started 2 weeks ago. We didn't. We homeschool. We have flexibility. Today, was the day. We won't do all subjects everyday.

We are going to ease into it. My daughter was slightly more excited then my son. She has already completed 3 lessons of Math!

I actually enjoy homeschooling. However, I look forward to next year when I am not going to be pregnant. Every year I have homeschooled my son. I have been pregnant. Yes, I lost 2 of those babies BUT I was still pregnant!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby update WEEK 36

Well, I am 36 weeks along.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. It was one of the longest appointments ever actually. Yes, I have joked about "saving the best for last" before. This time though my appointment was an hour and 10 minutes before the last appointment of the day. The doctor had got called out for an emergency c-section less than 5 minutes before my arrival (which was 4 minutes before my appointment time).

I am 36 weeks. I was scheduled for a non stress test so I had to see a doctor.

The nurse kept getting all the others through who were there only for prenatal and needed to check the heartbeat, bp, and such.

Another hold up. Someone else was using the non stress machine. I was back logged. Not  only waiting for a doctor. Any doctor. I was waiting on the machine.

By the time I got hooked up it was already an hour past my appointment time. And my doctor was still gone. I was told which Associate doctor in the practice would come read my results. Then sometime in the 40 minutes I was there my doctor came back. I didn't have to see the associate.

I was thankful that I had someone who didn't have to be somewhere else taking care of my kiddos. Yesterday, I could have asked friends but I was plagued with the two friends who usually watch my kiddos having meet the teacher at the school. Well, if I had them watch my kiddos they would have been late or missed it or something. I don't remember the exact time.

So with that said:

BP was good
Heart rate was good

Everything is moving along. I will reach "Full Term" this time next week. Though the earliest I have ever had a baby was 38 weeks 4 days (aka 10 days early) and that's specifically due to blood pressure. I was induced.

Up next: ultrasound on Monday.
Followed by: Non Stress Test Friday