Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Looking for it

"It" being relative

There are many days I am lost at deciding what IT will be of dinner
There are many days I feel like I am failing "IT" whatever it may be (teaching, cleaning, shopping, sleeping)

However, there is one "IT" that remains the same. My personal belief in Jesus. I no longer have to look for it, deal with it, or decide on it. I believe it. As we barrel toward Thanksgiving what are you thankful for? freedoms.

My freedom to agree
My freedom to disagree
My freedom to vote
My freedom of choice
My freedom to worship Jesus

I am thankful that we had people who served or are serving to protect our freedoms.

I am also thankful for Jesus and his upcoming birthday. The celebration of Christmas.

Christmas isn't about presents. It isn't about the best deal in the store. It isn't about 7pm shopping on Thanksgiving day. Or is it? 

So if you are looking for "it" decide what "IT" is you are looking for. Could it be your personal belief God? Could it be what's for dinner? At any rate....I hope you find what you are looking for.

Monday, November 24, 2014


So my birthday has come and gone. I had no clue what I wanted for my birthday. What I got was near perfect. Now, some of my birthday came in the form of childcare and shopping. In which I can't get the childcare likely until after the first of the year. It is just that time.

The holiday time
Another birthday time
Another birthday time
The company party time
The even I don't have time time
More holiday time
Even more holiday time
Followed by another birthday time

I am looking forward to the first Saturday in December. You see.......I get 3 kids off to childcare while the baby goes shopping and about with mom and dad for a few hours.

I am looking for a baby sitter. The company has finally scheduled their party date. It was scheduled in advance this year so I am now in search of a sitter again for the older 3. No one at the office has got to meet the baby :)

I am trying to think of what to put on my wish list. I call it a wish list because well.......mine end up being multi-occasional and likely if they are not given to me this year for Christmas they will still be on my birthday list for next November on my birthday.  Note WISH LIST TAB on this blog was updated today

I won't complain but I will......just a smidge bit!

I am nearly 10 weeks postpartum and a few weeks ago (well okay a month ago) I bought some new pants. They had a good fit. Not a tight fit. Not a loose fit. A good fit.  The next week the blasted pants were too big. Falling off me. I can pull them on and off without unbuttoning and unzipping them. Ugh! The complaint isn't that I lost more weight the complaint IS.....If I had known I would have waited a week. So now I am sticking to myself for a bit longer and I will just pull my pants up 34,740,928,358,562,215,632 times daily.

I am a tired momma. The littlest is getting over the gunk. Thing three just took his last dose of medicine for an ear infection. Things 1 and 2 are working on school (yes even when all their friends are out of school--perk of homeschooling).

My son is upset with me and my decision. However, I am the parent. I have blogged before but I will reintegrate that I am the parent and he's only 8 years old. He's upset that I will not let him ride without a car seat (booster seat). He isn't tall enough to properly sit in the adult seat without and ride safely. There is a proper way seat belts are supposed to fit. So just because 8 is our state's law on whether or not they need a booster it is mommy law. No ifs ands or buts. You see, he says someone made fun of him. I thought we got the subject dropped early last week. Apparently we did not and he brought it up again today.

I took my daughter boot shopping over the weekend. She's wanted boots for over a year now but I made every excuse in the book. Finally I gave in and took her shopping. I didn't want ANY boots I wanted leather boots (well I did once I figured out she wanted boots like mine). I was going to buy them now and make them part of her birthday (10 days after Christmas) but turns out my son wanted boots too. So they became part of Christmas instead. She got leather boots. We were told he did too but I am afraid he didn't get exactly what I wanted but he got EXACTLY what he wanted and truthfully they are so him. And two days later they are scuffed his response "mom I am a boy, these are boots, they are supposed to be scuffed!" Ok son. Okay.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pure Exhaustion

I am tired. In a good way mind you. I never expected it to be easy. Though I admit I'd like to take a nap again. I haven't had one of those in a while. 

I do as much as I can. I do the important stuff. Then the semi important stuff. Then the stuff that can wait. So basically the dishes and laundry get washed daily. The dishes get put away before another load is started. The laundry does not. 

I teach my kids school. But sometimes we go out to eat for dinner or I'm throwing together the quickest meal possible at 7pm. I'd prefer to have a plan but they does not always happen. I simply can not preplan how my day will unfold.

Tuesday is an example. The baby got up later in the morning (still wee hours but later) to eat so we got to sleep later. The other 3 in turn slept later because the baby and I were not yet up. So when we were all barely up I called to get a doctors appointment. I had 1 hour and 5 people who were not dressed or fed. Well, technically I was feeding the smallest when I decided to call the doctor and he could stay in his footy Pjs. I sent a text to my neighbor hoping that she could take my older two but she didn't get the message until I was already at the doctors office. We got dressed and food in before we left. We were at the doctors office for 1 1/2 hours. Then home to get ready for the X-ray visit. My husband was coming home from so I could just take the baby to get the X-ray. I had to eat lunch and pump before I left. Preen I got caught in construction traffic and high school traffic. Finally to the hospital parking lot and I was lost. Found my way, got the X-ray, headed to the pharmacy. It is now after 5pm. No plan for dinner. Not home long enough to set anything out. I'm pooped. We made it through. It worked out.

Wednesday, I chased my tail some but I managed to get a few necessary things done. Including dinner!

I look forward to my next nap or day I fall into bed before 11:30. But until then I'm going to be hugging my babies.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trudging through

Lately I have been stuck in the mud. No not really in the mud but more like the mud of life. You see since June we have become familiar faces around the pediatricians office.

My older two had an ear infection or two over the course of years. Kaje has had 5 diagnosed ear infections and maybe 1 more since June (yep, average of 1 per month) and 3 viruses with two of them being the same virus.

My youngest was born and with that came with the "meet the peditrician appointments" which are disgused as 1st visit since being discharged, 2 week check up for newborn screening, etc.

Then my oldest apparently felt left out and needed stitches. It took us nearly 8 1/2 years to get our first set of stitches with the kids.

Now fast forward to Friday of last week:

Kaje isn't himself for a day or two. I decide to take him in thinking he had something like a sinus infection or something. Nope, an ear infection. So now that the antibiotic is in order so is the runny diapers and the diaper rash. I can't imagine what it would be like if that kid didn't eat a yogurt a day.

Friday night En starts to sound hoarse. WHY didn't he begin to sound hoarse before Kaje's appointment I could have got two appointments and saved my time. Nevermind, I call on Saturday as our doctors office group has after hours care. I got an apathetic nurse.

Saturday night/Sunday he seems much better. Then Monday here comes the snot. Lots of snot. I'm over it. I have tried everything within my Dr. Mom powers. The elevating (swing, carseat, eating from a bottle so I can prop him on the boppy on my lap to eat), snot sucking and saline,  vaporizer/humidifier/cool mist/warm mist.

Tuesday time for the doctor. Dr. Mom is out of a job. I march all 4 of my kids to the doctors office. I didn't think to use a stroller for #3 and it was a teeny bit chaotic. We way En, they get the "info" and then we wait for the doctor to come in.  The doctor comes in and I tell him what I know and what I have tried when it all started.

He listens.
He watches.
There is an eerie silence. Nope not kidding SILENCE!
You could hear a pin drop well maybe not but you could hear the second hand on the clock.

The doctor has a look. Mentions a few things. Then walks out promising to be right back. Insert HIGH ALERT big brother. He heard 'X-ray" and ER Across the street or Urgent care. He didn't hear it all but he heard enough. He was WORRIED. Great now I have a sick 2 month old, a hurriquakenado 14 month old and a WORRIED SILLY 8 year old. All the while we have little momma just trying to help out.

The doctor comes back. He orders a RSV test, an X-Ray to rule out pneumonia and breathing treatments. I send my husband a text to update him. He leaves work to head home.

I am happy to report after it is all said and done....we are negative for both pneumonia and RSV. Diagnosis: Bronchiolitis 

I was given a sample inhaler and a face mask (that I am sure will be billed to insurance)  and a prescription inhaler was electronically filed. I went to pick up the Rx and lo and behold not covered by insurance because they "prefer" a different brand. I bought it anyway. I didn't want to be without if I needed it.

So there ya go.

I will go back to the peds office on Friday. A scheduled Well Check up!