Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Packing up. Moving on.

The time has come to pack up my house. Time for new floors. New paint. New owners. If only it were just that simple.

This week I am shuttling my big kids to activities. And while they are gone all day I really only get 4 hours at home, with toddler help, and I still have to do lunch. The boys aren't getting naps this week either.

But today, I began (I was going to yesterday but I had to go back to the park with a handful of medical forms). I got rid of a toy that's been around for years. But it takes up valuable space. Crocodile tears happened. I started packing up/sorting the kids books. We have them on shelves everywhere. So I only need to keep toddler books that the boys will be interested in, books my daughter can read, and books for my oldest son to read.

It is a slow process with toddlers. But I again am doing what I can. Once I get home at the end of my afternoon shuttle it is meltdown, begging, tv, and cooking dinner time. Last night though I had all 4 of my kids in bed and ALL asleep by 8:45 (a full 15 minutes before the usual bedtime).

This momma went to bed at 9:15 last night!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doing what I can

This week I could have did so many things. I am limited to just a couple hours and the helpful toddlers do prohibit somethings (like painting walls).

However, today I decided to be a "She did what she could" woman and just do what I can. I have a friend whose trying to cope with a sudden and unexpected job loss. It was a family situation and right now she's just writing her family off.

This friend of mine always stays busy and I wonder how she does it all. So today, I went and did what I could. It may have been updating and correcting puzzles. But I painted. Our kids played. Then while waiting for paint to dry I poured glue from one big bottle to several little bottles.

It may seem  like nothing. But to me ....... I made it where she knew she wasn't in this alone. Sure I can't always help but today I could.

How can  you help someone today?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Then and Now

Then: I left the last convention excited for the next year. My year where I get my 5 year pin. I get to go to a state that I've never been before. I get to reconnect with non local friends. Hang out with new friends. Network.

Now: I am considering not going.

Let me say that when I left convention last year I did not know what this year would hold. I didn't know I'd visit my first country other then my own. I didn't know I'd get a vacation with my husband! I didn't know we'd fully fund a mission trip for my son and I to go on. I didn't know we'd toy with the idea of putting our house up for sale.

Now, I am sitting here thinking. I am out nothing (monetarily) if I don't go. I am out training. I am out networking. I still have to pay airfare (and that isn't getting cheaper like it normally does), I still need to pay for nights of hotel, and there's food.

Then, I think I can ask for a scholarship. Then I think what if....what if....what if!

Monday, June 6, 2016


Today we were driving around in the middle of Nowheresville soaking up the scenic tours and the history that surrounds us. After exiting off the highway we went to the local battle site. This time of year it is just a big wooded area with some benches and some markers that tell a story. The historical area only has two ways in/out and it's pretty remote. I mean there are very few homes, this battle site, and a pick your own fruit.

When I went to leave there it was a traffic safety check in the early afternoon, in the middle of nowheresville. I stopped at the stop sign. I had my turn signal on indicating my next move. I rolled down my window and the trooper asked me 2 questions: 1) do you have a drivers license and 2) were you at the battle site or picking berries? I answered the battle site and elaborated a little so he could tell that I was for sure there. My mom kept piping in her little quips (like) "just us and the 4 co-pilots" and "he's homeschooled and it was a history lesson" and this man just wanted to do his job. He then looked in and I know he was making sure we were all buckled up. That's perfectly fine with me...we were!

As he checked my license he began to walk away and wave me through. My 2 year old got soooo excited about the "woo woos" and he came back. Looked in at my 2 year old and smiled.

After driving away my 10 year old began to question. "Why did he check your license" "What was he doing" "Why were they here"

All my 8 year old had to say was "why were you so cheerful?" I told her that at the end of the day he just wants to know he did his job and that he gets to go home to his family. But more importantly not everyone is nice and so every now in then it is nice to have someone be very nice to you.

As for my 1 year old......he was none the wiser!