Monday, February 27, 2012

It is everywhere

I think I am going to take a scoop shovel to my house. Well, not my house my desk. My desk is everywhere. It is lost. Under a copious amount of paper. It is the MAIN catch all in our home. And when I say it is everywhere I mean we have a spot big enough for our keyboard and mouse and a little tiny writing area.

I hate not being organized it bothers me but yet again I don't take the time to move it to the proper places. And it bothers me to have people "help" because then I am constantly asked "where where where." I shall not complain though. Even though the pile system is inefficient and looks terrible I can almost always tell you "it is on the desk by the......" and it is found.

I did loose my glasses on the desk once. I couldn't find them. They were there. I guess I just moved the paper on them and over them and just didn't flat out see them.

So this week after tomorrow of course my new project is get rid of it everywhere. Sort.

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