Sunday, February 26, 2012

Round 2

This month brings "Round 2"

Round 2 of swimming lessons for both my kids. They made great strides in swimming in February, but neither advanced in classes. My son while is a very strong swimmer he is being taught to slow down and actually use proper strokes. My daughter is learning from the beginning.

Round 2 of gardening. Last year we made our first garden. The first year was also a bad drought year AND we planted late. This year with more thought we got in ahead of time and began to get it worked out and planned.

Round 2 of plumming in the kids/guest bathroom. The first project we did as new homeowners 5 years ago was tackle the kids bathroom sink. The faucet was in bad shape as when you turned it on it sprayed the wall behind us. It was clearly the faucet and not anything else. We knew about it in the home inspection but it wasn't a make or break fix for us so we replaced it on our own. Well, in the end of that first project we decided: no more plumbing style projects just before or after the local home improvement stores close for the night. Fast forward 5 years and we realize we forgot to do something on the sink and went to correct it. That turned in to a multi-trip to the local improvement store. It is now fixed.

Round 2 of getting the right things for finishing my daughters new-to-us bedroom. I love the set itself but I hated that we could no longer store anything under the bed as we had before. We just needed a few inches. However, a few inches caused her bed to be a challenge for her to climb into. So that turned into plan B. Raising the bed with blocks and removing the box spring and replacing that with slats. Then we still need to fix up the night stand. We borrowed tools for that. But we forgot the brads/nails (we had one of the things but not the other) so that turned into a multi-trip visit to the local improvement store.

Round 2 of visiting friends. I love my friends. I miss the ones who aren't local and I miss seeing the ones that are. I love getting together with my friends. One was in town this weekend. I got to have dinner with her last night and to see her this afternoon for a quick visit.

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