Saturday, May 5, 2012

Open Letter

This letter is open. I mentioned "if I could" in a previous post and well frankly again this is my blog and I think it is quite therapeutic to write so here I go.

Dear Jason Gray, Christian Music Artist

Thank you for your song, lyrics, and ministry that is the song "Remind Me Who I Am." In the past year I have been railroaded with many things and I have caught myself wondering "who I am" on more then one occasion.

I've begged God to show me more of who I am. I know there is more to being a Christ follower, Wife to my husband, Mom to my kids, Daughter to my parents, Sister to my brothers, In-law to my extended family, Aunt to my nieces and nephews, and cousin to my cousins.

I've struggled with Who I Am.

Then I heard your song. I'm sure I've heard it before but it was one day while I was listening to KSBJ on the radio....I REALLY heard your song.

Through those words I no longer struggle with who I am. I know that God has a plan. I may not know what that plan is. I may have to play a game of seek and find within my heart. But I know that no matter what God isn't leaving me or my side. He's there all the time.

Thank you for the words. The music. The lyrics. Thank you for using your talent to remind someone, yes even me, of who I am. That no matter what God isn't leaving.


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