Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do me a favor

If  you are going to post pictures of your child in their car seat. Make sure they are properly secured before posting pictures. It really infuriates me to see kids with the chest clip on the stomach or kids who still need booster seats sitting with the seat belt all wrong on their bellies and cutting them off at the neck.

Good grief it is not that hard. The chest clip goes at the chest. Do not put it on the stomach. Do not put it any where but armpit level. It is SIMPLE.

It also isn't that expensive to buy a booster seat (even a backless one). I don't care if your state law say you don't have to have one. A kid not fitted a dangerous situation. It takes less then a second.

Also don't go the cheap route and say you know I think my 2 year old will fit in a booster seat.  I mean they meet all the requirements. I assure you. They do not. They are too immature. You can spend a few extra dollars and keep them harnessed until at least 4. It isn't that hard. It isn't that hard!


Cora said...

Facebook is the best place to be frustrated by peoples lack of knowledge. I try to ignore these pics but it is hard when they are so frequently posted!

J said...

Sadly it isn't so much facebook but websites and blogs I read. Irritates me.