Things I Believe In

MOPS International- this is a group for moms who mother children raging in age from newborn infant to completion of kindergarten.  Recently though a MomsNext group has been formed for those mommies who have older children.  For more information regarding MOPS please go to this website: Mothers of Preschoolers
  • MOPS came in to my life when my son was 18 months old and I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter.  I had lived in a new state for 11 months; current location for 7 months.  I had no friends other then my extended family.
  • Member of MOPS 2007-2008
  • Hospitality chair of my local group 2008-2009
  • Co-Coordinator of my local group 2009-2012
  • Community Coach, MOPS International 2011-2013
  • Ministry Coach, MOPS International 2013-Present

The Kappa Phi Club- this is a group of Christian college women where a chapter is present at their local college or university that they attend. For more information regarding Kappa Phi please go to this website: Kappa Phi
  • I went to college and I met friends however I wanted more from my friendships mostly a closer bond.  I had been in college for 2 years before "pledging." I use the term pledging loosely as it was more of new member information meetings there were two degrees to complete.
  • I became a new member in Fall 2001
  • I became the corresponding secretary for Spring 2002 *I made the on-campus phone calls to members about meetings*
  • Local chapter Secretary 2002-2003
  • Local chapter Vice President: Program Director 2003-2004
  • Alumnae 2004-Present 
  • I have not been able to do anything Kappa Phi since moving to my current place but Kappa Phi still holds a big place in my heart.
Shriners/Shriners Hospitals for Children- making sure kids can be taken care of medically until they become an adult.  The Shriners take care of kids who need medical care for conditions such as orthopedics, burn care, spinal injuries and cleft palate.  There about 20 hospitals who care for kids and medical needs are taken care of no matter what your financial situation is.  Please click for more information on the Shriners Hospitals for Children 
  • I am not a patient or the parent of a patient under the care of the Shriners Hospitals for Children nor is any of my immediate family a patient or the parent of a patient. 
  • I do believe in what they offer
Ronald McDonald House- helping families of sick kids get a safe place to stay for little to no cost.  Often times a Ronald McDonald House is found very near a Children's hospital.  Rooms are available on a first come first served basis and sometimes there is a wait list.  When a child is in the hospital often times the parent is right there day in and day out, however, sometimes the parent needs to rest too.  There is a community living room and kitchen in most locations (this is through word of mouth I have heard this) and many times people donate things that you need in a household (bath soap, laundry soap, canned goods, etc).  For more information on Ronald McDonald House please go here: Ronald McDonald House Charities 
  • I am not a parent to a patient nor have I ever been a parent of a patient whose benefited in any way of the Ronald McDonald House charity.
  • I do believe in what they offer